Kancolle Community |OT| - Torpedo Cruiser? I hardly knew 'er.

Well shit.

I don't know why but in mind I was thinking it was fighting at night would cause your ships to sink. She had taken critical damage in a previous battle so that explains it.
I thought that at first until I read otherwise. I think you lose morale through night battles and you can take much more damage, so if you ever want to get to a boss node it's probably best to ignore them. You can get drops from rank b and above so it's fine to just leave a battle.

Isuzu's first time out as flagship was a fucking disaster and I lost my first light cruiser. I-I-I can't, I'm done for a while.

I'm going to look at Tenryuu fanarts now.
;_; Tenryuu..

By total chance, I also lost my Tenryuu today (Tenryuu Kai to be exact. I decided it would be a smart idea to test my luck as I got other CL girls to red on the same map and they survived.. haha so much regret just now since I've only had her drop twice since I started the game).

I've only had three ships sink since I started. The other two sunk due to being 1) new to the game and 2) tired, luckily both of those were destroyers (one that dropped a lot for me, the other that dropped rarely but I managed to get her back and level her to the same level on the day after I sunk her.)

Lessons learnt for sure now. No more risks, even if a level 4 sendai somehow survived unharmed ^^;
Been curious about the game, since most of my colleagues around me at the gaming shop I'm working at are usually playing it at work.

Being surrounded by KanColle nendos/rubber straps and 1/8 scale figures is just tempting me even more

Can't wrap my head around the lottery system thing though.

Any advice on the least troublesome way to go around trying to get an account? Or...do you guys know of anyone that are willing to help newbies to secure an account?
Finally Kaga get! Got her yesterday mind you, but forgot to take a picture. I'm also so so close to downing E-1 boss. Hoping to get that done before the event ends (I don't think I'll get further than E-2 if I manage it sooner. But who knows?).

As for those having issues getting into the lottery, here are some things that helped me (after several failed attempts):

- Check the official twitter for the time
- Change your local time to Japan time
- Be on the website before the lottery
- Start refreshing 10mins prior to start
- Follow the picture instructions (3-5 mins) or check twitter (sometimes they have it as 10mins)