Karoshi 1 & 2- the indie game where you must kill yourself. Over and over. And over.


y'all should be ashamed

This is exactly what the thread title says: beat each level by trying to kill the main character you control. The humor is great, the puzzles are fun, and each game takes maybe twenty minutes or so to beat. I think they're really, really clever.

Start with the first game:


Here's the second one:


I know the author of both games, 2D Cube, posts here on NeoGAF...so if you're reading this, awesome job man! I love these games! :D


y'all should be ashamed
The second one is a lot more "silly" so I do recommend trying that one out too if you get frustrated with the first (some of the puzzles are nearly impossible...maybe because I'm an idiot. :lol )


y'all should be ashamed
rhfb said:
Any other site to play these on that don't force you to install crappy extensions?
Just download them...that's what I do.

The fifth level...you have to make the yellow tubes connect using the metal crates. Once you do, press the yellow button and it electrifies them...touch it and you'll explode.

How you do it is the tricky part.


y'all should be ashamed
To save you considerable pain for the sequel: there will be times where you need to use the mouse cursor.

Believe me when I say I wish I knew that going in. :p


I have assigned to you one day for each year its punishment will last.
This game is bizarre. :lol :lol

I love the japanese horror styled transitions between levels.