Kentucky Route Zero Act III is out! Rejoice!

I should get around to finishing Act 1. The game crashed on me at some point near the end and haven't returned since.

Not a negative judgement on the game or anything mind you. What I played of it was excellent up to that point.
YAY! There's the one thing I like about this whole "season pass" "buy all the episodes up front thing"...I'm gonna get home and have a new game to play without paying a dime.


you speak so well
Just finished it, some really fucking cool stuff in this one.

The show at the bar was great, Xanadu was incredible and the little flashback at the end was...interesting.

Definitely going to replay it again soon to pick up on some stuff I might have missed.
I hate waiting, so I guess I'll just grab the complete edition when all the episodes are out. Happy to see the development progressing though.
Anyone know if the next acts are going to take just as long to come out as this one did? I really want to get the game but I think I would rather wait till they're all out if they're all going to take this long to be released.