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Ketchup on fries or off to the side?

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Or mayonnaise if you're into that sort of thing (vom). A controversial topic in many a household.


Personally, the whole plate's gotta be covered in the good red stuff before I'm satisfied.


Since we are at it: Baked potatoes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fried potatoes.

Ketchup on the side, if at all.


I hate getting sauces and condiments on my fingers so I use the dipping packets or off to the side if the place hasn't stepped their game up to use the sealed dipping ketchups.

I don't eat stuff wings or nachos unless im at home I hate getting sauces on my fingers so bad.


Ketchup stays on the shelf in the shop along with all the other awful condiments that ruin good chips you god damn perverts.


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On the side. Never on the fries. Also: Mayo ftw.
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