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Kill it With Fire - Launch Trailer [Spider Extermination Game]


I am a virgin
Was that a fucking weed whacker?

Hahaha fucking YUP
This game seems legit

But I like spiders.
Yeah, definitely not a game for me


Wonder if they have any VR plans in mind, seems like a good concept for VR
Not sure if it would be comfortable to aim at such small sized spiders. Not sure if it work well on a flat screen, actually, I would be surprised if aiming and melee are fun in this game at all
im not one for aggression towards harmless spiders

i liked killing radroaches in fallout 3

ill take this but with cockroaches

specifically pariplaneta americana/australasiae

because many cockroach species i find cool, panchlora nivea for example
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NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

The Halloween update for Kill It With Fire brings night levels, new equipment and upgrades, the Australia mode featuring giant spiders, and more to the spider hunting simulation game.

Kill It With Fire's Halloween update is available now.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Kill It With Fire's new update and Year of The Spider DLC for PlayStation and Xbox brings a new mission, new modes, new spider types, and new weapons. Watch the trailer to see what to expect.
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