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Kill la Kill Game by Arc System


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May 4, 2007
Also on the site saw a DAYUM piece of pre-order artwork for the game....
Is that the Bayonetta: When Your Hair-apparel Magic Fizzles edition? /confused


Jan 7, 2018
Demo has like 20 minutes of unskippable cut scenes, Christ, kojima would be proud.

Gameplay was actually really fun, thankfully it runs at 60fps during combat and drops the faux 24 FPS cinematics shown in the trailers.

They censored Nonons naked outfit by the look of it, as in every scene the other 3-stars are in theirs, she is just in a regular bikini thing. Really want to know if this goes full in on the nudity play-on-words stuff before I preorder it, as that mix of risque and silly made the anime for me.

But yup, this isn't shit. Phew.