Killer 7 Wii-port on the way?

Nov 15, 2006
Killer 7 NOT planned for Wii at this time
Article Date: 30.05.07

Yes, we messed up the listing on the website. Sorry!

Sharp-eyed browsers of the website may have noticed that the Killer 7 gamesheet was showing a Wii symbol yesterday. We are sorry to disappoint Killer 7 fans who thought this meant a Wii version might be on the horizon, but we can confirm that there are currently no plans for a Killer 7 version for the Wii platform.

The Wii symbol was due to testing on our test realm somehow making its way across to the actual site; the Killer 7 gamesheet is one of the 'sandbox' ones we use to test new things such as, for instance, ensuring that the Wii symbol looks the right size next to the ones we use for PS2, Gamecube etc before we put it live.

The interest this seems to have generated on the internet is quite gratifying, but we're going to have to disappoint you this time. The innovative control system of the Wii would seem like a good match for the innovative gameplay of Killer 7 and we cannot completely rule out the idea of a Killer 7 Wii at some point in the future. However we can confirm that there are no plans at the present time to make such a game and there is certainly not one in the pipeline that we are not telling you about.

Sorry for the confusion.
Jun 6, 2004
titiklabingapat said:
Okami and Godhand, gimme.
Yeah, you'd think the Clover twins would make for a more attractive proposal given they're (1) more recent and (2) generally better regarded. Still, it'd probably take a bit more work considering they're not already running on GC code.

Really though, even as far a GC efforts, you'd think something like Viewtiful Joe 1+2 Wii would be a better proposal then waggle Killer 7 again. :/

Christopher said:
Capcom's testing the waters with all these re-releases with "wiimakes" you know their dieing to do a Wii port of Street Fighter II...
The HD remix is likely getting a disc Wii release, going by what Capcom reps have hinted already.


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May 8, 2006
poll said:
What future Capcom game are you most looking forward to?
Devil May Cry 4 (PS3)
Resident Evil 5 (PS3 & 360)
Okami (PS2)
Lost Planet (360)
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles (Wii)
This site is credible, EH?

edit; wtfh!? they use the Killer 7 game-sheet as a ****ing testing ground?? someone shoot the people that run this web-page up the ass.


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Jun 18, 2004
Bebpo said:
So did none of you people own GCs or what?
heh.. considering Wii is almost at 50% of the GCN's lifetime install base after just 7 months, I think the answer is a resounding NO.

poor GCN. such an underrated console, only second to DC.


Loves the Greater Toronto Area
Jun 18, 2004
Brobzoid said:
bullshit, it has like 10 great games, and even les if we exclude ports...
Pikmin 2
Metroid Prime
Eternal Darkness
Paper Mario
Rogue Squadron
Donkey Konga
DK Jungle Beat
Baten Kaitos 2
Fire Emblem

that's just off the top of my head without a single multi-platform.

and now you shut up.