Killzone Shadow Fall turned GOLD.

I'm not all that interested in Killzone, but I just can't wait to see that city fly-by on my TV :)

Hopefully SF will be better than previous incarnations anyway.
I kind of laughed it off during the reveal, but gamescom won me over. Have it preordered along with BF 4. Bummed that its 30 fps but at least its 60 where it counts: in the multiplayer.
Since they haven't said anything about it I assume that it won't support move.

That's a pity. They'd done all the work with KZ3. There's always hope it can be patched it later I suppose
Well done to 'em, I've been pretty on the fence the whole lead up this year but I've bit the bullet and am gonna pick it up on launch, hope it lives up to the hype.

Now Guerilla about that new IP.....