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Kimishima thinks the Switch has the potential to reach Wii-like sales


Wastes hours checking old Famitsu software data, but that's why we love him.
Its nice to be confident in public, but I would argue the initial shipment shows some well reasoned conservatism.


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I guess there's nothing wrong with dreaming big, but those are some pretty high expectations.

The Wii was lightning in a bottle, the odds of lightning striking twice (especially with Nintendo facing decline on both ends) are rather slim right now. Either way, I wish Nintendo the best. I already got my Switch pre-order.


It's nice to see he is at least confident it will do really well, it's a good sign regardless of the actual odds in its favor


Only way I see this happening is if 'switch' is like ~10 different hardware iterations that last 15 years (switch, switch mini, switch tv, switch pro, Switch plus, switch advance, etc etc) and they all share the same 'library' and 'ecosystem' and so nintendo classifies them all as 'switch' hardware sales.

Mikey Jr.

Isn't this the same company that expected to sell 10 million WiiU in a year, and then waited until the last day to forecast down?

It was fucking hilarious. They were so adament about selling millions while selling 30k a month.
Wait, wasn't he the one guy we know of at Nintendo who was critical of the Wii U and down on it's chances compared to Nintendo's forecasts?

What happened Kimi? I thought you were the reasonable one...


It doesn't seem to have anywhere near the penetration potential as the Wii did.

The Wii was a brand new way to play, as much as that panned out or didn't, it was perceived as this entirely new thing that the entire family could get behind. I don't see how a hybrid home console/hand held offers the same.

I don't see the average mum and dad getting excited about actually playing the switch the way they may have had interest in the Wii, for example.
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