also going after The Banner Saga

Jul 28, 2007
Looks like the Candy Crush guys are also going after The Banner Saga. Their argument seems to be that they have games with Saga in the title therefor totally a point of confusion.

Here is the legal document:

Update 1: I am not a lawyer but I guess these are the important parts.

Update 2: Some tweets that followed the document by Supperannuation

Update 3: Some more relevant tweets on what Stoic might be able to do, but he isn't a lawyer so who knows.

Update 4:

Update 5:
As I noted in my version of the story,'s Saga trademark is currently suspended. So they're just opposing Stoic's filing.

Jun 10, 2013
Sounds like a whale going after a mouse.
So this is basically the new Rovio, right? Not much beyond Candy Crush Saga rolling for them at the moment? Looks like they're iterating on it twice now, wonder how long this one will go.