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King of Fighters XV Announced for 2020; Samurai Spirits Also Coming for Switch, Xbox One.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

The new Samurai Spirits game, previously announced exclusively for PS4, is coming for Switch.

SNK made multiple announcements today, during a press conference held in South Korea. First off, SNK is planning to release King of Fighters XV in 2020, and development of the game is going smoothly. KOF XV‘s platforms are a mystery for now, and this is only a personal guess, but I think there’s a high chance the game will be releasing for both current generation consoles and the next generation of consoles, as they could have released by 2020.

Moreover, SNK announced that the new Samurai Spirits game, which was revealed for PS4 during PlayStation’s Tokyo Game Show Lineup Tour, will release for Nintendo Switch as well. The game will release in 2019. You can watch the game’s first teaser here. This new game will be Samurai Spirits/Samurai Shodown first entry in more than a decade.

King of Fighters made a comeback in 2016 with King of Fighters XIV, which made the popular fighting game series jump into the realm of 3D. While the switch from 2D to 3D alienated some practitioners of the series, KOF XIV maintained everything else which made the series a reference and is a very strong entry. The game also got many DLC characters, and the 3D graphics were greatly upgraded sometime after release. As such, I strongly believe SNK will deliver us a great experience with KOF XV.

Update: SNK also announced the new Samurai Spirits/Samurai Shodown game will come to Xbox One, and will release in 2019 Q2.


So I gather KOF XIV reached their expectations in sales? Interesting.

Still good to hear another is in the works.

Also good to hear about samurai showdown for the switch!


Above Haohmaru and Terry is the logo of Art of Fighting (Ryuuko no ken), Oda did say something about rebooting older games.


Let's hope it won't look like shit like XIV.
if only sprite based came back kof 13 was the best looking one yet
Eh. I'm ok with 3D if done right. But I wish they'd go back to 94/95 style of stages. No bystanders/crowds. Just beautiful scenarios (and maybe some little gimmick like the elevator in 95).
They have to go back to their roots to make KoF interesting again for me.
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That´s rad. I understand that KoF is developed on a modest budget so I can deal with lackluster graphics, but my main hope is that they improve on the art style from XIV (assuming they continue with 3d models). Character faces and shaders specifically need work.
Minor touch-ups like this can go a long way.


I thought that new Samurai Shodown coming to Switch was not confirmed, but great if it is really true. Aldo good to know that the new KOF is already on the plans.
I'd like to see an Samurai Shodown anime film/series project in the same vein of King of Fighters Destiny. I really enjoyed that show.

Maybe SNK can reach out the best executive producer in the business. He's loves himself some SNK apparently.


They better give my girl Athena the proper treatment and upgrade the graphics to DOA levels. Ask Team Ninja to stop messing around with FF/Marvel games and help SNK with this.


it looks so f u c k i n g boring man
why the hell did they ditch the sprite art now it just looks like any other generic rando 3d fighter
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