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Kingdom Hearts 3 is now using Unreal Engine 4




野村 着々と、予定しているスケジュール通りに進んでいます。さまざまな理由でゲームエンジンをUnreal Engine4に変更した影響で、絵づくりの部分で苦労している部分はあるのですが、Epic Gamesさんの協力もあり無事進行できています。

In the full interview about KH 2.5 HD Remix, Famitsu asked Nomura for a status update on the development of KH3. Nomura says that development is proceeding as planned based on the schedule, but that they have switched to Unreal Engine 4 for "various reasons". He goes on to say that because of the engine switch they're having some rendering issues at the moment, but that Epic Games is working closely with them to resolve any issues.



But with Disney coming to PC now, and Square Enix doing lots of PC work, and Unreal engine...

Maybe I'm looking too much into it. How does PS4/XB1 run UE4 games anyway?


Why are you reading my tag instead of the title of my post?
So what about that Luminous engine stuff? Didn't they go all in on that at some point? Ah well. I would think they'll have less problems with an established engine and the full support of Epic with their tech support.


Very interesting. Makes me wonder who was so insistent on a proprietary pipeline, because that seemed to be the source of a disproportionate amount of problems for Square.


So this is good news, huh...

S-E, you need to stop trying to make engines. Just focus on being great like you were in the 90's, and everything else will fall into place.



So we can agree that Luminous (and the shitload of money invested in it) was pretty much created solely for XV at this point (and IIRC its not using only Luminous)? Maybe based on Versus/XV feedback they noticed that it, just like Crystal Tools, is just too damn hard to work with?

I mean why couldn't they use it for KH3? Were there limitations to something? I can't see why they would dump it like that if not for that reason.


Really am curious to know just how many millions Square Enix has sunk into Luminous and to now just throw it all away. Damn! Their shareholders have got to be insanely pissed.
I just thought of something, didn't they spend an entire year making a tech demo for the Luminous Engine? It looks like they're going to drop it after FF15 now. What the fuck is going on over there?



Luminous is currently a custom engine for FFXV according to Tabata and both teams are working closely to finish the damn game.

Doubt they can use that Tech for KH3 just yet.(or ever at this point)



But with Disney coming to PC now, and Square Enix doing lots of PC work, and Unreal engine...

Maybe I'm looking too much into it. How does PS4/XB1 run UE4 games anyway?

Do they even let Kingdom Hearts games go digital? I know BBS wasn't Vita compatible because it never got a PSN release and KH1.5 HD never got one either.

Square is such a terrible company. Ff13 was ass

We all agree, but lol out of nowhere


or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Realize This Assgrab is Delicious
Between this and Tabata putting XV on a fast-track to getting out the door, I wonder if SE is finally adopting the methods of other companies who can actually release games in a timely manner?
I wonder what FF16 will use.

Seems 15 is only using its current engine because of the near decade of development its had on it they don't want to toss out.
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