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Kirby and the Forgotten Land – Overview trailer (Nintendo Switch)


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The demo looks and plays great. Way more linear than odyssey though. It seems brain-dead easy unfortunately.
Difficulty and Kirby are always things I wish were more balanced. They tend to be way too easy. I was hoping they would go in the more difficult route but bummer it seems like its not.


Kirby has always been and will always be Nintendo's easiest main platormer series. The difficulty scale looks something like this: Kirby is easy mode, Mario is normal mode and Donkey Kong is hard mode. Not sure why anyone would expect Kirby to turn into a challenging experience all of a sudden.

Other than that the demo was really interesting. Lots of good ideas, if there's not too many rehashed scenarios (something that plagued Odyssey) it looks like it'll be a pretty solid game.


You guys complaining about difficulty realize that the demo is the tutorial level and level 2? Of course they are easy.
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So I thought I would revive this thread as I have played this over the weekend after some guy reminded me it existed by making fun of it in the Horizon thread (cheers).

I could not put it down, I almost missed mothersday (UK) because I couldent stop playing. Nintendo have a real knack for making an experience at times that when all is said and done feels uttely satisfying to finish.

For the average gamer it will a pretty easy experience up until it decides not to be. The Last section of the game and what it leads too was fantastic and honestly of all the things I was expecting in a Kirby game that was not it. While I'm not the biggest Kirby fan, iv played less of his games than have. However this one really felt like a stand out experience from the ones I have played.

Highly recommended, please don't get put off by the cutesy appearance, its well worth your time. Plenty of additional things to do "post game" which rewards you additional story and even additional combat challanges (the part the game decides to suddenly be a challange) and all of it feels like it rewards you for the time you spend on it.

If you enjoyed Astro's Playroom I would say this feels like a full version of that title.

Don't overlook this little gem.
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I am in between moving and haven't been able to play this and I really want to :( (I mean I could but it would be on a crapp tv/handheld, which, nooo :p)

Demo was really fun, man those animations are good.
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