Kirby Fighters Z (and DeDeDe's Drum Dash Z) announced for Japan (3DS DL)

Here's the trailer fir Kirby Fighters Z. (Official website)
Here's the trailer for DeDeDe's Drum Dash Z. (Official website)

Kirby Fighters Z
-No online (download/local play only)
-Same 10 power ups as TD
-Bell & Beetle power ups available only if you have Triple Deluxe (and have Streetpass for the game enabled)
-Same deal for the Waddledee Train stage
-Single player mode, boss battles
-Beat the mode to unlock cooler looking hats
-Beat the mode on the hardest difficulty to unlock Shadow Kirby as playable
-Team battles. Able to share items with team members by 'kissing' them.
-5 new stages
Kirby Fighters Z : some pics from!


Dedede's Drum Dash
-7 new stages, plus 7 unlockable 'ura' stages
-Some drums will flip to a beat, revealing spikes on the under side
-Numbered coins which give a bonus when collected in order
-Healing rings to revive health
-Symbols make an appearance, stricking them will reveal a Musical Note Coin
-Some other new things in stages
-Unlock masks to wear while playing
-Replay mode
-Kirby, Waddledee and Meta Knight masks exclusive to those who have Triple Deluxe and Streetpass for that game turned on.
Kirby Fighters Z comes out on July 23 in Japan, for 500 Yens.
DeDeDe's Drum Dash Z comes out on July 23 in Japan, for 750 Yens.

Thanks StreetsAhead for some of the info.
Ah, you bugger, you beat me to posting by a second (lucky I refreshed).

Seems like they're updated versions of the mini-games from Triple Deluxe being sold as individual games on the eShop. Fighters seems to add the Bell and Beetle power up, as well as new stages. While Drum Dash seems to add new stages and masks of other series' characters for Dedede to wear.

Platform: 3DS
Release Date: July 23rd
Cost: 750 yen + tax (each)

Kirby Fighters Z Trailer
Dedede's Drum Dash Z Trailer

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They're both being sold on the eShop for 750 yen each. :)
YES! My prayers for a standalone Kirby Fighters game have been answered!
Though I wish it had been on the Wii U... but beggars can't be choosers, haha.

I love the changes they showed in the trailer, but I sincerely hope there are more copy abilities available than just the original ten plus two bonus ones for Triple Deluxe.

Holy shit! Kirby Triple Deluxe's fighter was awesome. If they add online or something worth it I can see this work.
Smash bros clones are never successful or get world wide appeal, so i doubt this will either. I do want it, though.
Who else to do it than HAL?

And honestly, I think Smash should have never left HAL. They had little involvement with Brawl. Luckily their composers are back seemingly in full force for Smash 4.

Kirby Fighters was the thing I was looking forward to most from Triple Deluxe.
Luckily I still enjoy Kirby games so I'll still get the full game
All it needs now is an NA release and online.
Who else to do it than HAL?

And honestly, I think Smash should have never left HAL. They had little involvement with Brawl. Luckily their composers are back seemingly in full force for Smash 4.
I agree, then Brawl would have been rushed and we could have gotten the online Melee clone that Iwata always wanted.
The rhythm game looks a bit limited. I hope there are more mechanics than just the jumping. Both seem like fun little games though. Love how Nintendo just drops those randomly. Wish they'd do it for the Wii U eShop more often though.
Will buy Drum Dash, that mini-game was super fun, and I can't resist "platform" rhythm games.

Kirby Fighters will likely depend on whether Smash Bros 3DS is out yet already...
Looks kind of cool. Like DLC, but you don't have to own the game to get it. Not a bad approach.

Disappointed in the apparent lack of online play :(
I wonder if they'll patch on the stuff to Triple Deluxe or they'll add it on as DLC.

Hopefully the former rather than the latter.
If Kirby Fighters Z doesn't have online, it's worthless. Not interested in DDD's Drum Dash Z because that was very infuriating to play. This stuff should of been in the main game.

EDIT: Website doesn't mention online communication at all, they killed a game before it even launched; way to go HAL

EDIT 2: They couldn't even bother to make a new 3D model of Dyna Blade? They could of even touched up the one they made for Air Ride!


It would be a disappointment if it doesn't have online, but man, I can't pass up on this!
If it's cheap I might pick it up, I already have triple deluxe so online is a must.

Seems like something to tie us over until Smash comes out since they had to delay the 3DS version for a while.