Kitase Comments on Final Fantasy Type-0 Western Release


"As you may know very well, with the PSP market, the situation is very different in Japan than outside of Japan," said Kitase when speaking to us at E3 2011. "We are having to be very very careful in how we decide what would be the best way to deliver the game to all the gamers."

Kitase then went on to ask Western gamers for patience as they look for a resolution, "At the moment I can't give you any confirmed decision, so please be patient for a little bit longer."
I think, at this point, they are waiting till after the Japanese launch to announce it.


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Sound's better than Reggie's non-committal response about XB/TLS. I'm pretty sure FFT0 will hit the states especially if the game is a hit in Japan.
That doesn't sound like they're discouraging the notion that it'll come to markets outside of Japan at all. Rather, it sounds like it might be on a different platform - and if they're waiting until after the Japanese launch, it'd only make sense to do so if it'll also eventually be released on that same platform back in Japan.

I'm thinking either 3DS or PS3/Vita combo release.
miladesn said:

I think, at this point, they are waiting till after the Japanese launch to announce it.
Why would they though?

It makes no sense given they never wait, at least not on a huge FF title with a large budget.

We know about them coming to the west pretty quickly after they are announced.

Not saying they won't announce after the JPN release, it just seems odd they would actually tie it to that.

Though given how much they say it is voice acted with all the different actors, I wonder if they would try to get away with releasing it in Japanese.

All of this is of course if they are talking about a PSP release. If they moved it to Vita or PS3 remasters then I could see them holding out so they don't hurt the sales of the PSP version.
Like others above my money on is on a Vita launch title in North America and then re-released as an international version in Japan, but they don't want to say that now before its even released the first time

I'm okay with Vita but I do wish it was getting a world wide release this summer :/
I'm thinking Vita launch title along with a PSP release. Eventually, it will probably release as PSP classic as well.

Only worrying thing is that they had the perfect chance to announce something like this at E3, and they passed it up.
GT Vespene said:
That would add another year of development.
Would it? What if all they do is just port it to the Vita? Just system level enhancements (trophies, native resolution, controls), nothing cosmetic apart from resolution and AA.
PS3/Vita title makes more sense than 3DS to me if only because Sony's been pushing the whole PSP Remaster/Playstation ecosystem thingy pretty hard, and my guess is that there are APIs that make a port pretty quick and easy. If this happens, look for additional content/features in the PS3/Vita release so Sony can turn around and sell it in Japan.


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Aeana said:
Unfortunately very little outside of reassurance that it is being worked on.

"Summer 2011." So probably September.
Hopefully then we'll find out after September for the rest of the world then.
I hope Square-Enix can come up with a term even stupider than 'Transfarring.' A quick look at their videogame titles for the last few years should be all it takes to realize that they are more than capable of this.
Their best tactic would be to translate the PSP version and get it up on PSN as quick as possible. That leaves no financial liability in the retail stream but lets them tap the U.S. PSP market which should do well by a full featured FF release like this.

Then follow it up with a PSP Remastered HD release and a year one Vita release. They'd likely get a lot of double dippers.

At a competitive price point ($30-$40) they'd likely move over a million units total in the U.S. through this method, almost all sold digitally so no retail share or packaging/shipping costs would take a bite out of that bottom line. It'd border on corporate negligence for SE to not put this out in such a manner when the net cost would be so low.
What are the odds of a PSP release in Japan but a 3DS release outside of Japan if the PSP situation elsewhere is a concern? 3DS instead of DS as the DS would't be powerful enough but carries the brand which is in better shape outside of Japan. Putting it on Vita doesn't really address the non-Japan issue until we see how well Vita does sales wise. PSN is of course an option if they want to keep the title Sony only.


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Well, technically it couldn't be a remaster in the west unless it was bundled with another game, so that's most likely out of the question >.<
Kagari said:
Calling it right now. The west will see it as a PSP Remaster or moved to the PSV.
That's not exactly a big risk when those 2 are the most likely options...

I think it'll be a launch title for Vita in North America.