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Knack II in development for PS4, according to animator's résumé

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A 3D animator working for XPEC in Taiwan says she has been working on Knack II for Sony since May 2015.

Her job description for the project says: "Animated 3D characters motions and cutscenes for PS4 system."


She is also working on Final Fantasy XV, as XPEC was announced as an outsourced developer for that project last year.

Verendus, are u ok? Post if u are ok

EDIT: Now deleted from the resume.


Because it was a good fucking game.

Game was ass. Some of the worst combat mechanics I've ever experienced. Felt like a low grade War of the Monsters.

But it's a meme now and meme games are good right

Better than Mario 3D World baby

A lot of games are better than 3D World
Because it sold well and they need to buff up their offerings in that genre / target demographics?

That's what LittleBigPlanet and Ratchet is for

What's Knack's demographic? GAF stans?


Good stuff.

Loved the first game in all honesty, was a blast to play through. Just the story dragged on a little longer than I wanted at the end but nothing major.
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