Kojima: MGSV PC in dev, might be released, might not be at launch, consoles priority

Towards the end of the interview: http://www.gametrailers.com/videos/...v--the-phantom-pain-e3-2013--kojima-interview

Kojima said:
Of course we are developing on a PC, so we look forward to releasing something on the PC sometime, but right now we have no release date, we are not really looking to do that right now, that's not a priority, so, we are making it and we hope to put it out [on PC] as well.
Better than the typical "no plans right now" response we often get. At least he acknowledges they do want it on PC, but they are not tackling it right now.

Of course, we are developing on a PC, so we look forward to releasing something on the PC sometime.

But right now we don't have a release date, we aren't really looking to doing that right now, its not really a priority.

We are making it, and we hope to put it out as well.
Source: http://www.gametrailers.com/videos/...v--the-phantom-pain-e3-2013--kojima-interview


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I wouldn't hold my breath. Has any MGS game every been released on PC?
Fox Engine has PC in mind. I dunno why you'd be surprised of a MGS5 port.

Frankly, I hope it does happen. It's the only "console exclusive" game left that showed at E3 that I want that isn't getting a PC version.
Pretty much what Bungie said for Destiny. I guess it makes sense, developers are already on overdrive and establishing new consoles is a higher priority than the already established PC market. I hope this kind of goes away once everything settles down though.
If Kojima san release that game for PC, I think that game will requiere a monster of PC! It looks soo fuckin' great! I can't wait to play it!

Kojima san, please give us you game!!!!
Well, PC has been hitting everyone's radar in the past couple of years, after falling to the wayside for awhile. So his statement is pretty much a guarantee in my book, unless Rising bombs hard as hell, which I can't see happening.

Although, that's a pretty crummy indicator anyway, Rising is in the DmC/Bayo genre, but I still think it will do enough that they'll put out MGSV.

Capcom pulls shit like this and it's pretty frustrating. "Buy X crap game, and you'll see Y great game!" So I hope Konami is smart enough to see things differently.
PC guys, if you want future MGS on the PC, support MG:R

Ignore it and you might get ignore as well.
Rising looks pretty good and all, but I don't hold much hope in it selling all that great. It's just not a genre that's ever been popular on the platform.