Kojima teases Snake Eater 3D bundle 3DS (dat snake skin)

Apr 15, 2005
Sydney, Australia
This is not a topic about 3DS screen scratches...

Seriously I would love to have Konami prove me wrong when this game is released. So far, the demo did not help me confirm my purchase at all, which is not a good thing. Isn't the point of a demo to convince people to buy the game? If it's an half-assed effort on the demo and the end product is going to be far better, then DON'T RELEASE THE DEMO!
Dec 25, 2010
Waikato, New Zealand

Getting your hands on one of those special snake themed Metal Gear Solid 3DS systems is going to be tough. Yes, tougher than just filling out a form at the Konami Style e-Shop.

In addition to being made available exclusively through Konami Style, the system bundle will be sold via raffle. If you win the raffle, you'll still have to pay for the system, of course. The bundle, which includes a copy of the game, the snake styled 3DS system, and two clear files as a bonus, will sell for ¥22,980.

Apr 15, 2011
Woah black 3DS box? I like.
It's one of the only rating-related things I'd actually kind of like to see adopted beyond its native country. Segregating them by going black instead of white can actually look really nice (and seems like it'd probably be more useful selling games here, amusingly enough).
May 2, 2006
Is it improved? Hard to tell if it's not in motion. Looking at the screenshots it seems like something I could buy. But I still remember seeing the video for the first time... it looked atrocious. If they improved stuff then I'll be interested again :eek:
Feb 7, 2005
Seems like the graphics got a bit of a boost (Snake's beard actually has whiskers now!). Of course, given demo impressions, how it runs has been the bigger issue and screens aren't going to tell that story.
Oct 7, 2006
Was a date given for when the US is getting the demo? I heard the demo is kinda garbage but I'd like to play :D

Hmmmmmmm I already have a 3DS but I'm a sucker for special edition systems
If the Resident Evil demo and Mario & Sonic demos are any indication, demo comes out 2 weeks and the Thursday before the game

Resident Evil demo came on the 19th on Jan with the full game coming Feb 7th

Mario & Sonic Olympics came the week after RE with the full game releasing exactly a week after Resident evil.

Snake Eater comes out on the 21th, a week after Mario & Sonic so next Thursday we should get the demo.
Jun 1, 2009
I've kind of been of the mind for a while that this is kind of pointless with the "HD" Vita version around the corner. But these screenshots look a lot better than they did before, and now that Circle Pad support is confirmed it should be less of a pain in the ass to play.

In some ways I could see this being an almost definitive version of the game, what with the menu crap dedicated to a screen of its own. That was always my main problem with the game and honestly I see it adding more to the experience than increased graphical fidelity. That said, higher resolutions really help with seeing targets in the jungle and I could see this version suffering because of that. I wonder if KojiPro would port the HD collection to Wii U with the 3DS version's menu features on the pad. That would probably be the definitive version.

I think I might end up picking this up anyway just to see how much better it feels without all that menu navigation interrupting the experience.
Jul 15, 2004
Weirdly, those shots aren't 3D. I just put together a photoshop file that cut it into slices and then used Stereo Photo maker to make MPOs, but it was obvious just from looking closer that the right images are exactly the same as the left. If not exactly, then too close to be actual 3D. They must have had it off in their capture device.