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Konami says PES successor eFootball will be ‘basically a demo’ at launch


I have to say…

2 years doing what exactly?

2021 season update was released as we were promised a fully fledged next gen new engine version of PES and we took that in good faith they’d innovate for the new game.
So uh they made it look like Fifa 09 and are focusing on dribblings and generally on 1v1 stuff? The one thing that is super OP and super unrealistic in FIFA?

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As someone who plays Pes2021 nightly, i'm utterly pissed off at all of this. Well and truly. I dont want to go over to fucking Fifa for football

It's bollocks.


The Amiga Brotherhood
As crap as this looks and as poor as the presentation of three trailer is, I'm willing to give it a try.

I mean it's free to play so other than my time and bandwidth I have little to lose. The issue is that if the game is indeed a bit crap and had lost its focus, it will be a hard long road for Konami to claw fans back. Maybe they don't give a shit about traditional PES fans and are banking that they'll be a critical mass of less discerning people out there that will be happy with it 🤷‍♂️
And here’s why EA doesn’t improve FIFA, there’s no competitor, if anything a weak attempt.

Sorry guys, the king won’t be back, and most, is not every, football/soccer gamer will buy FIFA once again, and no, it’s not because of the Nationa Leagues, UEFA, or FIFA licenses.

Konami should step up their game if they want some market share
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