Koreans all looking the same...

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...because of plastic surgery.

I found this on reddit and it shows the contestants for Miss Korea 2013. They all have had surgery and the result is pretty unsettling.

and in gif form

Man being a plastic surgeon in Korea must be a very lucrative business.
I'm sure it is. Isn't South Korea the country with the highest rate of cosmetic surgery by a massive margin?

I gotta say, though, I've never been a fan of the generic face that so many Korean girls choose for themselves. It just looks so damn fake. For good reason I suppose...

Too bad that country is not more open to natural beauty.
Eh, Korea is pretty ethnically homogenous to begin with, couple this with a shared desire to have certain features through plastic surgery, it's not hard to see why they look the same, but there are enough differences to tell them apart.
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