Koshien 2017 | Japan National High School Baseball Tournament

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Ouch, that pitching.

/edit: Looks like the players getting together helped a bit. At least he got one strike. Still got hit in the end.
/edit2: Switching the pitcher at the beginning of the inning didn't help. 5-0 now.
/edit3: Finally the first out, third and second bases loaded.
/edit4: Sacrificial fly into 6-0.
/edit5: Second and first base loaded, no outs, chance for Tsuchiura NichiDai incoming?
/edit6: All bases loaded now, no outs, after a wild pitch into 4-ball.
/edit7: Sacrificial fly into 6-1, then my streamed crashed. Looks like they didn't get another run. Stream seems messed up for me now, just like yesterday at some point...
Story of the game, 12-3.

Only inning they didn't manage to get a run was the 3rd.

/edit: And the game is over, Matsusho Gakuen wins 12-3 against Tsuchiura NichiDai.
So is there a story behind gathering up the dirt from the field that they're doing now?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_school_baseball_in_Japan#Sacred_.22Dirt_of_K.C5.8Dshien.22 said:
In the 1937 Summer Kōshien, Kumamoto Tech (Kumamoto) advanced to the championship game, but lost. After the game, Kumamoto Tech player Tetsuharu Kawakami grabbed a handful of dirt from the playing field of Kōshien Stadium and put it in his uniform pocket as a memento. Some years later, in the 1949 Summer Kōshien, after Kokura High (Fukuoka) lost to Kurashiki Tech (Okayama) in the semifinals, Kokura pitcher Kunio Fukushima scooped up some Kōshien dirt and took it home. This has become known as the original scooping of "the dirt of Kōshien" (甲子園の土 Kōshien no tsuchi). Since then, as a memento of their fleeting time on the hallowed grounds of Kōshien, players from the losing teams take home a pouch of the precious soil.

At the 1958 Summer Kōshien, Shuri High (Okinawa) became the first school to represent Okinawa (then under U.S. government rule) in a Kōshien tournament. They were eliminated in their first game by Tsuruga High (Fukui). After the game, they collected souvenirs of dirt and took them home. However, due to quarantine regulations of the Ryūkyū government they were not allowed to keep the dirt, and it was confiscated. Some Japan Airlines flight attendants heard about this, and had a sea stone lying outside Kōshien Stadium sent to Shuri. Even today this "Monument of Friendship" lies in the yard of the school as a reminder of the first trip to Kōshien by a team from Okinawa.
Wouldnt you want something Ichiro has collected?
As always, every time i write something the opposite happens. XD

The team with the second year pitcher is winning so we can stop here as far as i am concerned.

Runners on first and second, 2 outs, bottom of the fifth. Chance for Nichidai Yamagata to put some more runs on the scoreboard. Full count... Grounded out.

3-2 Nichidai Yamagata after 5.

edit:second time's the charm for the 3rd base notcoach as he sends Kugo home to tie the game
edit2: Meitoku Giyuku's coach decides to put in their second year pitcher, #11 Ichikawa Yuuta. he is pitching in the 140s.

Lol at the kick.