Koshien 2017 | Japan National High School Baseball Tournament

great, great. catch. Gotou Yuuya.

2 out single by Ishikawa, Kano hammers a double on the back wall. pitcher Nakanishi with the chance to win the game. He grounds to 2nd.

edit: Meitoku Gijyuku with runners on first and second, 1 out. is this it? Nishiura at bat. he hits it far but the CF catch it. The runners dont advance. 2 outs. Taniai with a bad ground to short. WTF IS THAT? He tries to Jeters it and a run scores. Runner on 2nd and third, 2 out.
Imai hits one in front of the rightfielder, 6-3, 2 out. Game's probably over, i dont see people taking 3 runs from Ichikawa.

*queue Ichikawa's meltdown*

meanwhile Kugo hits a single too, runners at the corner, pitching change. Kondou Kousuke. I guess he is the first base little brother, dont correct me if im wrong, thats my canon.
Today's lineup (reminder games start at 7pm Eastern tonight)

8:00 1 木更津総合 Kisarazu Sogo - 日本航空石川 Nihon Koku

10:30 2 開星 Kaisei - 花咲徳栄 Hanasaki Tokuharu

13:00 3 聖光学院 Seiko Gakuin - おかやま山陽 Okayama Sanyo

15:30 4 早稲田佐賀 Waseda Saga - 聖心ウルスラ学園 Seishin Ursula Gakuen
I worked at Sogo's sister school for four years, been to Sogo countless times, and have friends still there.

I'm kind of cheering for Sogo.

Rough school though.
Seishin Ursula - Waseda Saga is about to start.

edit: lol, they even have waseda written in red characters. I expect a big dude with a fake mustache playing first base.
"Happy first Koshien appearance".

I kinda wish they would change the ads. Already way too annoyed by them, considering none are good (I really dislike the docomo whiz one).