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Clickbait Cringe Kotaku - Journey To The Savage Planet Is Fun, But Please Stop Using That Word

Epic Sax CEO

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Nov 4, 2019
Yes, it is. But the fact that some people use it sometimes in wrong occasions doesn't suddenly change the original meaning or context of the word. This is a fallacy. It's not the word that's at fault here, it's those people using it.

Also, it's really not my fucking problem. Sorry.
Yes... that's why no one there was really just talking about not using that word beyond the clickbait tittle.

Did this game's developer use it in that context?

They didn't?

Then w h o f u c k i n g c a r e s
They did, actually...
You know, going to an unknown world, with wild environment, shooting everything that moves...
The context fits, but of course, the author acknowledges that the game is just a game, and had fun with it.
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Feb 16, 2018
I also always get the feeling that those caring so much about something they haven't participated in and weren't part have some unspoken corpses in their own closets as well...