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Kotaku: Meet The Head Transplant Doctor at The Centre of a MGS Conspiracy

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May 20, 2014
Ah yeah, you are right, I haven't read the beginning of the doc, anyway what I wrote is also true, someone phoned him 20 and more times asking for that. Anyway, can a lawsuit delay the game?

no, there will be no lawsuit before the game's release. what can he sue them for? using his likeness in a game trailer? konami has not made any money off of TPP. there is literally nothing to sue for. again, if konami's legal team thinks there is even a remote chance of a legal battle after the release of the game, they will change the character model pre-release

They don't need to though, it's not Konami's fault the actor they used looks like him.

that's not necessarily true if the intent was to create a character like this guy.

either way it's moot


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This has gone way too far. The stuff going on in here — sharing personal information, harassment via phone calls, etc. — is absolutely against the NeoGAF terms of service, and it’s not even decent behavior to begin with. If this is a marketing stunt, then it’s a bad one and encourages behavior that we don’t want on our forum. If it isn’t, then you’re still displaying behavior that we don’t want on our forum. Either way, that’s enough.
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