Kotaku PC Guy Is At It Again.

Gully State said:
Then find a better console screenshot not directly from the publisher then.
I'm not the one who feels the need to do a comparison. There is clearly huge improvements on PC, if someone can't see that then eh, sucks to have their eyes.

I'm just saying you're not doing the argument any favours by using a bad image like that. Get a direct screenshot otherwise it just looks like you're trying to skew it.
Posted from the "I need a PC thread" as it was linked in there:

Silly article with a divisive premise to get attention/hits/$. Standardization already occurs in architecture, you don't need it with hardware. That's on the hardware manufacturers to get drivers to optimize the games.

The whole point of the PC is that it's open. That's true in hardware, software, games, input devices, displays, and networking tools. They did standardize the Gaming PC, it's called PS3 and X-Box. To have standardized hardware would turn it into a console. If you want that standardization to be something devs bank on, you need standardized software/OS as well. This guy is on crack.


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Sure, we can tell the difference between Infinity Blade running on an iPad and latest Unreal Engine game running on a $1,500 PC. But you know who can't? Millions upon millions of people who buy games.
Kotaku is a joke site. confirmed.
PCs do not lack power at all. At worst if and when consoles can use top of the line computer parts with maybe some features not available at PC, PCs will be outclassed for a year if that. This doesn't look to be the case now due to power consumptions rising, so consoles will probably use old equipment.

The problem with PCs is that developers don't often develop with them in mind rather than PCs suffering due to being weaker (they are far more powerful) or suffering due to consoles being easier to optimise due to being closed platforms. Standardization as an issue with PCs has more to do IMO with older PCs being available and selling while with the console that is not necessarily a case. So you can get out a console exclusive that can run on the console no problems while when it comes to PC it might run good on some PCs while the older ones might have problems. Though in this generation old PCs play console ports usually much better than consoles themselves. Anyway the problem is that a developer might target the console while in the case of the PC it might target both the older and newer PCs and make a game powerful enough for both. This problem is faced for a short period of time when consoles are new, and it isn't very important. And at that period of time you will probably get Games that target the stronger PC systems if developers care enough.

But then again my 9800GTX can run pretty much everything somewhat adequately and others maxed out and it is old. Not as old as consoles of course. So... PC gaming might be outclassed a year at times. I don't see this new generation of consoles outclassing it at all hardware wise for the reason I mentioned.

So the problems with PC as far as graphical fidelity is concerned is not a lack of power or standardization but that Games are designed based on running on old console hardware, and almost overwhelmingly first designed with that in mind.

Standardization... is relatively very unimportant. PCs are most of the time pretty damn powerful and keep getting pretty damn powerful and impressively so in comparison to consoles.
I don't believe the diffference between console and pc versions of multiplats is as big as some people make it out to be, but it is noticable (though there are some were it is large).

In regards to controllers, the 360 controller is definitely the better input in certain games. You'd have to be crazy to play Just Cause 2 with m+kb if you have a 360 controller. It's even better in certain fps due to the comfort factor (eg Crysis 2). Just finished playing the Hard Reset demo with the 360 controller. The mouse has situations where it's better too of course..like all Valve games.

edit: and yeah, author is a troll. Why is Kotaku publishing blogs as new stories??
Castor Krieg said:
But you don't need a $1,500 PC. A pretty standard PC will provide vast superior graphic than the consoles. The very fact that he thinks he needs so expensive PC shows he doesn't know what he is talking about. Let me guess, he writes articles on a Mac to hang with the cool kids?
I just built a new PC for under $750; it absolutely annihilates every game I throw at it. The PS3 launched at $600 fucking dollars.
On the topic of controllers, how awesome are games like Human Revolution and Space Marine which dynamically adjust the on-screen prompts when you use a different input?
bandresen said:
Portal 2 which is coming from Gabe Newell's team that is self-described a lover of the PC platform looks a little bit better on PC than it does on PS3 because of 8xAA and 16xAF?
Is that really what the PC hardware is capable of?
You're forgetting the part where it also runs at 1080p AND at 110-150 fps on my 3 year old pc hardware (550 euros 3 years ago so not exactly super high end) at settings vs 30 fps on consoles.
So it's a very nice example of how much more pc hardware can do.
Troll backfire?

ghst said:
it's not, we live in a fingerless mitten society and pc gaming is now something of a technology counter culture, a rebuttal to the endless mass market drive for reduced complexity at the expense of functionality. it's a hobbyist pursuit that through its idiosyncratic virtues, has not only sustained itself through the slings and arrows of multi generational console war, but began a spearheading resurgence right at the time that kotakus of this world wrote it off for dead. now it is again at the vanguard of the industry in every sense, while consoles are only becoming more conservative in their attempts to smear their singular branding across as many demographics as possible.

at a time when anyone with the slightest insight is aware of the gouging, sniping, depressing toilet bowl that the console market has become, people are seeking out pc gaming to rekindle their optimism and sense of adventure.
That kind of bedroom talk makes me want to do filthy things to you ghst.


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bandresen said:
Would be great if it would only be one or two abstraction layers.

How do you explain that John Carmack said that this is a huge inhibition for him?
Why does RAGE look as god on consoles as on PC? He told of the benchmark that can be used to stress his engine and if you have to walk backwards into a city and then turn around very quickly and the PC being twice as fast as the console to load the textures.

If this twice as fast what you would expect if you looked at the raw specs?
The difference between RAGE and Hard Reset (PC only game) is not as visible as the difference between a PS2 and a PS3 game even though the hardware is equally outdated to each other as current consoles are to PC.
That specific example for rage is due to the bottleneck in ram speeds.

Also, the great thing about DirrctX being a software abstraction layer, is that as the hardware changes, the software will still work. If you wrote right to the hardware, major changes would break past software.
Reallink said:
This is a console centric board where most of the PC gamers are either platform agnostic or converts in one direction or the other. Even here there are examples of this type of person mindlessly shitting on any reference or questions about controller support, though there is a fairly large defense force here to smack it right back.

I typed Stalker+ controller and found of five forums only a few people being snarky, the rest where trying to help people who wanted to get the controller working with the game. but teh thruth is for some games, M/KB is better. but the beauty of PC games is that you can choose whatever control scheme you desire.
This should be pitched somewhere with a big 'mainstream' audience.

Would you rather spend about $3000 dollars on a 'gaming laptop'. Or spend a few hours to learn how to build a gaming rig of much more power for $500 to $1000?

And might just be my asian background, but it's a lot easier to convince the parents that building a gaming pc is cool vs getting a new console.

I need a 9800gtx cuz... school. yeah.
I thought it was a fully relevant follow-up to what this entire thread was about in the first place.

First, ridiculous hyperbole and speculation by the guy about how the Razer Blade will be some magical savior for a platform that doesn't need a savior. Everyone knows he's totally full of shit and swallowing PR wholesale without checking his information with anyone who actually knows anything.

Then...oh hey...look...review of said thing. It sucks.
Master race needs to calm the fuck down. The guy makes some interesting points. You don't have to agree with someone to recognise that they've articulated a coherent argument.

I guess if you're not willing to bow down to the almighty PC your opinion is useless on gaf.

Edit: Shit, hosed for not checking the dates.
Master race needs to calm the fuck down. The guy makes some interesting points. You don't have to agree with someone to recognise that they've articulated a coherent argument.

I guess if you're not willing to bow down to the almighty PC your opinion is useless on gaf.
This is an old thread. I deliberately bumped this thread because it was the ultimate demonstration that this guy is full of shit and is talking about a platform that he seriously knows nothing about, whatsoever.
Master race needs to calm the fuck down. The guy makes some interesting points. You don't have to agree with someone to recognise that they've articulated a coherent argument.

I guess if you're not willing to bow down to the almighty PC your opinion is useless on gaf.

Also, I thought people were going to start being banned for using the term "master race" in conjunction with PC gaming. What happened with that? I was looking forward to seeing if I was right that it was most often used as a pejorative.
I refuse to believe that this article could ever get past any functional approval process. The logic followed by the writer simply doesn't work. Worse still, we've seen Kotaku sink even lower on many earlier occasions.