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Kotaku's new, old editor sets out direction for the site (sort of)

Patrick S.

Amiga Forever
May 4, 2013

NVM found it.

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Dude no. Have you seen her face? Have you seen her armpits? Her armpits are hairier than a sasquatch's bumhole!
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Oct 24, 2017
An their newest shitline

New Unreal Engine Renders Even More Realistic Grizzled White Men​

Just fuck off Kotaku

And no I will not provide a link to this shitshow, they don't need more views.
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Oct 24, 2007
Source: https://kotaku.com/hello-kotaku-its-me-your-new-eic-1847192727

Lots of emotive blog style garbage padding it out, but the key parts seem to be:

I don't think she has fully grasped why the site is laughable in most cases personally. And I can't make out what angle she is going for from quote 2, 3 and 4. Logic would say that if you're making those statements, you are effectively acknowledging it is pointless to repeatedly state them across many articles, but then she goes on to say about the articles aren't for that wider readership - which it sounds like they are trying to reach.

They also want people to talk about their articles in mature settings and part of everyday conversations yet paradoxically say they don't care if the language they use is professional or respectable?? Wat.
As you point out her response is vague and pandering. Idealists like to smash things up and aim for things without any real idea of how they will get there. Nothing will change.
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Jul 3, 2020
Yes, for example two of my 7 personalities are marginalized by the other five.

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“I know I am fat and ugly, but please think of me as a woman. Preferred pronouns her/she”

“Erm...ok...sure whatever. You know you still look like a man right? Just a man with makeup on?”

“How dare you marginalise my identity. I am a woman now”
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