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KOTR Remake Studio has changed (Bloomberg)


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Scoop: The highly anticipated Star Wars KOTOR remake has been moved from Texas-based Aspyr Media to a Saber Interactive studio in Eastern Europe. Parent company Embracer hinted at the transition last week, and Bloomberg News can confirm it today. In an earnings report, Embracer said it is not "expecting any material delays” from the transition, but of course, developer pivots like this are rare and almost always lead to delays. The game is at least two years away from completion, say people familiar. Embracer hinted that the game was moved due to quality issues. People familiar with development say that Embracer as well as stakeholders Sony and Disney were not happy with Aspyr's progress. Some say they're optimistic about the transition in the long run


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Is that good or bad ?
Their games...

It's between a huge pile of shit and a not huge pile of shit.

Sorry I have a huge bone to pick with Saber how they fucking dragged their heels on the Series S|X/PS5 release of their Snowrunner patch, and when they released it, it was a fucking mess, it's still not in a great state right now, they still have fucking awful driving physics... in a game all about driving. Also oldschool dlc trash tricks like putting out a season pass then putting out trucks that aren't included in said season pass, also some of the DLC trucks make the game significantly easier.

Mudrunner was amazing, Snowrunner from the ground up isn't a true sequel but yea fuck Saber Interactive.

They've never done something of this scope(at least from the lofty promises) this project is going to be in limbo forever and then turn into vaporware.
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Saber Interactive has actually made and released finished games. Aspyr has not.

Their library of games isn't inspiring a lot of confidence tho.

This remake needs a big budget studio, not some of these studios trying to make a name for themselves.

True. Although I will say that if they want to make a name for themselves, this is their big chance.
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Out of the frying pan and into the fire I guess. It'll be a shitty AA jank remake with smudgy TAA all over the screen and stuttery animations. Calling it now. This remake can fuck itself.


Feels like this project is a pretty low priority for everyone involved. Hope to be proven wrong at some point.


Bloodlines 2 didn't even announce their new studio yet. This is going to be a long wait.


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if only naughty dog or insomniac could have done it :(. imagine kotor with the visual quality of Last of Us


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I've got a bad feeling about this.

These aren't the Remakes you're looking for.

Aspyr doing a shit job so Uncle Sony Wan Kenobi said "No disintegrations!" and passed that shit off.

hAVe youeverherd the tragedy this game's dev cycle? It's not a story you'd hear from [anyone but Schreier, journo-hype!]

But we'll see if changing heads is a neat trick or not in time. Perhaps, it's time to realize it's time for the Remakes to die. Kill them, if we have to.

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