LA Times: Epic Mickey 2 sold only 270k copies in US? (not accurate)


here is an article on LATimes about infinity, there is a little tidbit about Epic Mickey 2;

1.3m figure for Epic Mickey 1 for December 2010, so I assume this is for same period?

The company’s only major console franchise in recent years has been "Epic Mickey," a re-imagining of the classic character from the respected video game creator Warren Spector.

Although the 2010 game was a modest success, selling 1.3 million units in the U.S. from its November launch through the end of that year, 2012’s sequel sold only 270,000 copies during the comparable time period, according to a person with access to sales data from research firm NPD Group who was not authorized to share it publicly.

It’s unclear whether Spector and his Texas-based Junction Point Studios will continue working with Disney. Pleasants declined to discuss the topic and Spector could not be reached for comment.
What a waste of a great idea, great property, and a whole bunch of money.

I'm curious if Spector still has the chops for this stuff, I was shocked by some of the choices made in the development of both the first game and the second game.

I wonder if Disney (famous for being control freaks, ESPECIALLY with core stuff like Mickey) had their hands in too many of the pots and made things impossible for the dev team etc...


Holy crap! Today's real megaton is that more than two people can have the same first name.
Wow. That's bad, considering the original was only on Wii and the sequel was multiplat.
When I picked up my copy on black friday, it was in the afternoon and there were still piles and piles of the game for all platforms and that was at 20 bucks which I thought was a decent price for the game.
Even if EM2 had been a good game, it probably would have been doomed by bad word of mouth from the original. EM1 did 1.2 million or so in its first NPD month, but I think we got numbers later indicating that it was astonishingly frontloaded.

Junction Point will either be turned into a support studio for future Disney Infinity content or put on the chopping block. I feel bad for anyone who loses their job, of course, but it's apparent that they just don't have the necessary talent for the platform genre.
Given that it was multiplatform this time, that's incredibly bad.

It makes Spector happy to be working with Mickey so whatever, he got to fulfill a dream and Disney got some credibility points. I'd like to see him do more with the universe, but purely from a spectator's distance.
ah so thats why it was $20 on amazon a month after release, didn't know it sold that bad.

i saw the vid of the horrible framerate in the wii u version but if that gets going down in price i'll pick it up
I thought this game was pretty mediocre and that's being generous. I bought a used copy and played several levels. Each was very very small in size with a few hidden areas. I returned it, a step back from the first game. Now just going by the demo the 3ds game was much more horrible. Brain numbingly dull and uninspired. One of the worst demos I've played recently.
I don't think there was much justification for creating a 2nd game. The first one didn't do exceptionally well and it was only going to be diminishing returns. It's like they did it to prove the first one was a good idea or to do SOMETHING else with Oswald.

When the first game was announced to be Wii-exclusive, the port begging was essentially a tsunami of "Wii sux" comments, which led to a huge ban wave.
Ah, if only they had known what they were begging for a port of.

Pie and Beans

Look for me on the local news, I'll be the guy arrested for trying to burn down a Nintendo exec's house.
Flubbing it with all that money, all those people, with something as simple as a 3d Mickey Mouse platformer is still astonishing to me.

That they managed to make something so ugly then double-baffles. Just total Playstation One shit wannabe mascot game tier stuff all over.
I dont even know why they bothered going multiplat when they put in the bare minimum in translating the Wii's controls to a regular gamepad. Playing the 360 demo was such a chore and so awkward that I cant imagine anyone playing with a regular controller having a good time even if I ultimately rather enjoyed the game on the wii.
Didn't they have a shitload of people working on this too?

For the next instalment in Disney’s platformer, production has grown vastly in comparison to their previous work. “With Mickey 1, we built a team – we went from 13 people to about 180″, Spector pointed out before going on to claim, “we have over 700 people around the world working on our new game now.” To put this in perspective, around 200 people worked on Modern Warfare 3 and around 600 are working on Resident Evil 6.