LA Times: Nintendo's white PlayStation 4 debuts [sic]

Lol. Love the included pic of a guy holding a black Wii-u tablet controller.
It's like they knew that the only game console people are talking about is one of those Playstations, but they also know Nintendo is the only one making games. Yet the only recent picture they can find was of their previous black controller despite the fact that that they just revealed they're coming out with a new white Playstation. Oh well, news is time sensitive, and it probably was just not touchable to the public.
Cross-posting from another thread:

That's horrible reporting - even aside from the headline, look at the headers of what the article focuses on - an announcement of Pac-Man in SSB, Ubisoft and Women, the White PS4, and whether Sony "won". As if that summarizes E3.

Like, that whole discussion about whether people prefer "the press" to feed them information or to get it directly from the source - this is why I prefer Treehouse feeds over summaries from media outlets. Give me information from someone who actually knows what they're talking about. Yes, it's marketing and PR, but I can filter opinions for myself - if someone on Treehouse is telling me a game is really fun, but what I'm seeing on screen doesn't look fun, then it's not going to work. I really prefer that over having some reporter telling me the highlights of E3 are what appear to be a random grab-bag of topics from the front page of NeoGAF.