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Las Vegas Weekly takes page from NYT: Endorses both Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar.

Afro Republican

Aug 24, 2016
For all the talk of Democrats being divided along moderate-progressive ideological lines and for all the debate among party candidates on fractious issues like health care and immigration, poll after poll shows that the majority of Democratic voters coalesce around one goal.

Democrats see an urgent need to defeat Donald Trump and save our nation from an autocrat.

We agree, which is why we’re endorsing Sen. Amy Klobuchar and former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming Nevada caucuses.

We’re confident each of these candidates can beat the divisive and destructive incumbent in November, which is why we’re making a rare two-candidate endorsement.

In our interview with Klobuchar, it was easy to understand why she has picked up powerful momentum in recent weeks. She is a sincere and results-oriented leader who, to her credit, shows an understanding of the issues that matter most to voters at the household level while also showing an acute understanding of how our system should work for the people.

Her vision is that of a presidency working across party lines to solve problems, as opposed to pursuing policies that could further polarize the nation. In her pragmatic approach, politically unfeasible initiatives like Medicare for All and 100% free college are non-starters—they would go nowhere in Congress and are unpopular even among some Democratic voters.

She also demonstrates that in her 14 years in the Senate, she has learned how to work with Republicans and help steer legislation through the process. Other candidates may support comprehensive immigration reform; Klobuchar can discuss in detail why she’s confident she can pass a reform package today given her experience advocating for the Senate’s 2013 comprehensive bill.

Admirably, Klobuchar also places an intense focus on the working class, not only in her economic policy but in her initiatives for immigration, health care and education. For instance, this granddaughter of an immigrant miner argues compellingly that the dialogue around immigration reform should be more about the impact on economy and jobs than on deportation and restrictions. She makes an excellent case that by crafting smart policies that meet workforce needs while balancing security, Americans at all levels of the economy will benefit.

Refreshingly, she also knows exactly how to pay for her initiatives and would take a trustworthy, incremental approach that offers enormous appeal.

The bottom line with Klobuchar: She possesses both the appetite and ability to return us to our finest America. We have no doubt that she is a unity candidate for the Democrats.

Biden gets our co-endorsement based on his suite of effective policies that offer a clear vision for America, his support among a broad coalition of voters and his ability to pull together a high-functioning leadership team that can guide this nation back to stability and respect.

Despite the GOP’s corrupt attempts to dirty up the former vice president (to Republicans’ enduring shame), he has opened himself to public scrutiny throughout his five-decade career in office and faced the criticisms that unfailingly come with it.
Large parts of this almost seems like they copied and pasted the same excuses the NYT made when they endorsed Warren and Klobuchar.

I don't think it's a coincidence that we have another "rare" two candidate double endorsement from a major media outlet (local in this case) with nearly the same talking points. Of course with the NYT that endorsement didn't help Warren at all and we have no clue if it did anything for klobuchar.

Just in time for the upcoming Nevada caucuses as well.
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