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Last nights NCIS:LA a drone was controlled with a NVIDIA SHIELD.

Oct 11, 2009
The Netherlands
Despite what people say here I LOVE me some NCIS and NCIS:LA.
Yeah I know its stupid, "main stream" and silly but its just great fun watch.

But last nights EP I had to laugh pretty hard :D.

They use a small drone in Afghanistan to spy on someone, and Kensi (female char on the show).
And she uses a NVIDIA SHIELD.to pilot the drone after that its taken over my "home base".

I thought it was pretty funny they use a SHIELD, wondering if it was a sponsorship/ad.
Or the producers just thought it looked cool and "believable"



An blind dancing ho
Nov 3, 2007
Shield is awesome. best emulator machine ever.

wondering if it was a sponsorship/ad

well I guess this is the case.

I think there is no way they'll pick an unknown device like Shield for no reason over any android phone. Nvidia money most likely involved here.

who would even recognize it?

well... you get a huge Shield ad everytime you update your Nvidia GTX drivers. so I guess many of PC gamers.