Last of us remastered coming out next week?

A little E3 surprise ruined right there. But damn, that's great news. Can't wait as I missed out on it last gen. Watched a playthrough though.
Its funny because i had a feeling that this might be one of those "....and the game launches....TODAY!" games that you sometimes get at E3 conferences.
Would an announcement of a release date for a game being only a couple days away hurt day one sales or help? Has there ever been a"Hey this game is coming and oh yeah you can get it in two days." type of announcement?


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Called it last night. Of course they're going to announce its availability at E3. It only makes sense.

I really doubt that. The best time would probably be sometime in July since I think that month is pretty bare. There are a number of games coming out in both August and September so those would be poor months to release it in.
Wouldn't surprise me if true, at the very least I could see them releasing the digital version instantly after their conference and having a physical version available later in the week or something along those lines.