Latest "build" of Streetfighter 30th Anniversary Collection, poses many questions!!

Aug 2, 2013
So videos have been posted over the past 24-48hrs previewing 15 minutes worth of footage of the much anticipated anniversary collection.....and from the looks of it so far....all they are, are straight arcade ports, of the titles, with MANY missing features no training mode, no versus mode, no options menu to significantly alter the games to your literally just jump into the "raw" streetfighter arcade ROMS as it some have mentioned....certain iterations are missing, and this is no-way the comprehensive collection the game SHOULD have been...even marking such a mighty anniversary this iteration is missing things you would get in the original Xbox and PS2 versions of Streetfighter....hell they even left out Streetfighter the movie-the game!
Jan 23, 2012
This is why I am glad that I have all of these games with an emulator and I have played a lot of these already on GGPO back then. This collection also lacks the SFEX series that I also have on my emulator, so bleh...I don't see any reason to get this.
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Jun 29, 2017
Since Capcom still has the liscence for the Marvel games, would it kill them to include Xmen vs. Street Fighter in this?

Anyway, I'll be pretty disappointed if there isn't at least a difficulty select in this. Sometimes I don't feel like getting sweaty playing on 8 stars.
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Jan 28, 2018
It's crazy how publishers are sometimes so greedy that they push irrationally very hard to make less money both short and long-term when it's so easy to make tons.

For exemple since I own old CDs of these games, and it doesn't include the "pro" versions nor the EX games, I have no reason or value in buying it even on Steam. Same for Marvel games has mentioned above, they're surprised MvsC 3 was a meh success and Infinite is a failure when they removed and discontinued the best 2D version (MvsC 2) and never cared to release and manage the old IPs to get more people into their franchise ecosystem rather than few people emulating it and doing their job...
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Nov 24, 2014
This is why I am glad that I have all of these games for "free" with an emulator and I have played a lot of these already on GGPO back then. This collection also lacks the SFEX series that I also have on my emulator, so bleh...I don't see any reason to get this.
If these were the true Arcade ROM’s then you may have console ports, but unless you own the cabinet you would lack the arcade perfect version of some of these. Still, let’s see what they add to them in the final release.
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Oct 1, 2014
Regardless whether this is recompiled arcade code, or uses emulation, any features added to console ports don't exist in the arcade roms and would have to be programmed back in.

Licensed games are their own worst enemy too. If Marvel is uncooperative, Capcom's hands are tied to what they allow.
Same goes for anything in SFEX owned by Arika.
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Jun 5, 2013
The bare minimum would be to include EX series, Street Fighter The Movie and Pocket Fighter, c'mon. Puzzle Fighter would've been the cherry on top.
Also, Alpha 2 should've definitely gotten the online treatment as well!

And they should definitely do a crossover collection too, don't see why Disney wouldn't be on board with that. I really want a convenient version of SF Vs X-Men! I like the rest too, but that one and MvC2 are my most loved and since I can still play great versions of MvC2 on my 360 and PS3, SF Vs X-Men is the one I really want right now. ^^

I'd be all over that and would especially appreciate a Tatsunoko rerelease as well, even if it's standalone (never bothered with getting proper pads/sticks for the wii or even adapters for my existing ones and as such the game, while stellar, sees a lot less play than I'd like. The Wii classic controller Pros, despite being one of my fav controllers ever, aren't my ideal choice for a controller for such games as I can't really perform that well with a cross shaped dpad since I've been on that saturn style dpad kick for the last 22 years or so). I imagine it'd be a licensing nightmare, though...
Feb 28, 2018
Capcom continuing their trend of doing the bare minimum to release a fighting game is not going to turn things around. I thought Monster Hunter World would show them that quality sells.
Oct 29, 2006
San Antonio, TX
The video on Playstation Underground and the build Max played are old builds. James Chen has talked about the build at Final Round and says the speed being off in ST is fixed and they have versus available in menus. We'll see if training is an option but, frankly, I'm not bothered if it's not there.

I also am tired of the dead horse being beaten about it only being the arcade versions of the games. We've known this forever.
Mar 2, 2014
James Chen was told at Final Round that versus mode AND training mode will be included in the final product.

Not sure if EVERY game will have training mode, or just the ones with online (HF, ST, A3, 3S), but either way, he was told it'd be in there.
Nov 1, 2017
I'd have liked training mode and the option to change the games difficulty and number of rounds. All that stuff is pretty important actually, even though Im only interested in the single player element :(
In the footage that I've seen, you can change the game speed and game difficulty prior to launching the game. Other dip switch options might be exposed before it comes out at the end of May. Overall, it seems like a really fantastic package to me. I loved getting a glimpse of some of the art and trivia included. And the arcade cabinet art frames around the gameplay screen (optional) are a nice touch. I can't wait. I just have to get my Hori Xbox 360 arcade stick converter sorted in time for the release so that I can use it on my Xbox One. Hopefully Capcom see it fit to put a booklet of some sort in the physical edition too.
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