Lawbreakers dropped to 10 users online.

Another quickly found match that I just finished..... waiting for next one to start and I'm really wondering what the player count is on PS4 compared to pc. I wouldn't be surprised if it is much bigger. Otherwise I wouldn't expect to be finding games this easy.
I heard the netcode on the PS4 version is ridiculously smooth. It throws you in a match seamlessly as soon as you queue.
I think the game’s art style didn’t do it any favors. Anytime I seen a screenshot of the heroes or whatever they all look like something out of Warframe. Not very appealing to me compared to something like Overwatch.
I think the game’s art style didn’t do it any favors. Anytime I seen a screenshot of the heroes or whatever they all look like something out of Warframe. Not very appealing to me compared to something like Overwatch.
I totally agree with this.

Even while playing the game I couldn't tell which characters i was playing against or what was happening because of the art style and how bad it as.
Reading through the thread, it's interesting to see the dichotomy of those that seem to be trying to figure out how we failed Lawbreakers and those trying to figure out how Lawbreakers failed us. Hopefully, it starts to gain traction again and has a successful relaunch under F2P.

My experience was during the open beta pre-sale and I was let down. It actually played slower than I had hoped and the characters were very uninteresting to me. Looked like home made cosplay.
It sucks seeing games fail, I never actually thought I would care seeing it happen (I could care more, if it was a better game).

I think they need to add a battle royale mode to it. What could possibly go wrong?
I only needed a quick look at a twitch stream to know this game wasn’t for me, I was never a fan of the arena style shooters such as Unreal Tournament, Quake etc and Lawbreakers reminded me far too much of those.
Yeah, nothing will turn around this sinking ship...

Probably have more people working on the game than actually playing it right now. Yikes!

Art style, 'attitude,' pre-release interviews, and the dumb name all combined to make it a stinker.
Sucks because I had quite a bit of fun with it in the beta. None of my friends wanted to pick it up so I ended up not picking it up either. The gameplay is solid and the low grav zones were neat but it's just kind of uninspired in every other facet of the game.
Crowded market, middling product that unfortunately became a meme for the PC community to deride. It deserved middle of the road success and I wish Cliff and team well.
Those posts are disgusting.
Cliffy B has always been a rather outspoken person who says a lot of stupid shit on social media. It's not surprising there are people out there who hate him.

I think he's actually a pretty talented developer but I just can't stand his whole dude-bro persona he's got going on. He makes good games but they need to keep him well away from the marketing side of things.


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I don't get the hate for this game. I mean multiplayer games are not my cup of tea (aside form occasional COD) but Lawbreakers beta was significantly better than Battlefront 2 beta...
It isn't hate, it is utter lack of interest. If you decide to jump into the already saturated MP FPS market your title has to be significantly better in some aspect, offer something completely different, and perhaps most importantly your marketing has to make people aware of it.

Doesn't really matter how good the game is when their marketing couldn't even convince a fan of the genre like me to try the betas. Cliff gave me flashbacks to John Romero marketing Daikatana every time he opened his mouth about the game. That isn't a good thing.
At the time of release I was going to buy this but then the Overwatch summer games happened (on the same day?) and ended up buying a few Loot boxes and then completely forgot about this

Same thing happened with battleborne the overwatch beta hit the same weekend and then I completely forgot about that game aswel

I guess blizzard can be pretty vicious when they want lol
I like the art style - not everything has to be cartoony and filled with waifus.
The problem isn't that it's not cartoony, the problem is that it's (in my opinion) abjectly terrible. Makes me think of stock unity asset space soldiers or something. There's just so little creativity.