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Lawbreakers | Review Thread


Sep 15, 2013
Yeah I don't believe I've ever seen so much critique about bad tutorials and game having too steep learning curve. If I remember correctly, Overwatch has tutorial for one hero only? How does that help you to master other heros than Soldier, or even Soldier tbh. Don't remember it getting hit as hard about it. When I started playing Dota 2, it had no tutorials at all. It's very complex game with really wide bunch of different heroes. Learning the game and the abilities is on me. This being said, the game should absolutely have an option to play with bots.

From what I remember it's the exact same, you get in game and hit F1 to see your class abilties on your off, and theres a training area to try out all the different classes. If anything there is more info in Lawbreakers due to the videos off the main menu. It's just another area Overwatch gets a gigantic pass on that other shooters don't.
Jun 23, 2012
It's just how people are. 2016: Overwatch is a shameless TF2 clone 2017: Everything is a shameless Overwatch clone. Every map in this game is symmetrical, and heroes aren't separated by roles. It's clearly not Overwatch, but every game in a genre must be compared to the biggest name in the genre.

I don't understand how the game is "high-profile" though. It's the first game from a studio that doesn't even have 50 people. Is it entirely because of Cliffy B?


Jun 13, 2014
No idea. Most if not all the maps are symmetrical. Never really felt at a disadvantage with where I spawn. There are map issues (i.e, size) with particular modes (Talking to you Blitzball) though. Still not a fan of the five second captures.