League of Legends |OT13| Diamond is Unreachable

Feb 25, 2010
also i really like how they say the mage is gonna have spells unlike any other

as a mage fan that's the kind of stuff that gets me going, i want weird, fancy shit




it's pretty rad

Who should I play? I can only play so much Karma mid
you should try talliyah, i don't think you've played her yet and she's awesome

that sux

You might've heard this one.


I was just a bit surprised since I didn't know he did league music.
nah this isn't my kind of music at all
Feb 5, 2009
There are a couple different things:

How to deal with aggressive bot lanes: Pick a safer laning adc. Try playing Ashe instead of Sivir, Ashe has longer range so it's harder for someone like Lulu to harass her.

How to deal with tanks: Change your item build. If you want to maximize damage on tanks you typically want like IE + Rapid Firecannon + Statikk Shiv + Dominik/Mortal Reminder + Berserker Greaves + Bloodthirster. This build outperforms the one you bought, which has very little attack speed. Mortal Reminder is also ok against tanks, but you typically only get it if the enemy has significant heals. Swain, Mundo, Vladimir and Soraka are good reasons to get Mortal Reminder.
Thank you. I will work on attack speed next time. I started using Sona and she is also fun and less stressful than Janna, IMO. Now if only I had DJ Sona.
Jun 16, 2007

this reddit thread showing alternative splash arts for eve is real cool

also one of the artists, bo chen (famous for some really great ahri and kat fanarts back in the day), had this cool nami art on their artstation



also this cool jhin one[/QUOTE]

That's some pretty Nami art.
Jul 11, 2014
Silver 2 Promos today. Wish me luck.

Had a lot more success since I just muted everyone. I didn't realise how much of an impact it was having on my game till I did it.

Anyone else mute all others?
I mute the enemy team.

Er, I tell others to mute all chat, that is. I keep it on. I have surpassed trolling. But yeah usually it's better to mute everything if you feel it'll tilt you. I recommend everyone to do it too. You become untiltable.
Feb 25, 2010
posting the legends never die video here since it has little to do with competitive: https://youtu.be/r6zIGXun57U

not a huge fan, sacrifice is a theme they've done already and Thurs video feels generic for both competitive and league in general

like, again you get brutish macho dude, soft, frail girl on the verge of tears and asian dude doing kung fu, could've actually done some unique considering these characters are so great

it's not a bad video but considering riot doesn't do almost anything else and the ignite video was amazing, it's pretty disappointing


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Jun 11, 2017
Can't believe IMT is being kicked out but fucking waste-of-space Team Liquid is being kept for franchising. Fuck off with this shit, Riot.
Yeah I don't really understand this either...


The dumbest part is "Immortals' declination comes in part as a result of that organization's significant financial commitment to create a live viewing experience for its Los Angeles-based Overwatch League team, one source close to Riot Games told ESPN.". What? So they basically got kicked because they have an Overwatch team yet Cloud9 and Optic (Who was confirmed for NALCS) both have OWL teams.
Feb 25, 2010
playing vs 5 teleports is not fun even if you win

wth was rito thinking

like the way you make this somewhat fun is, instead of doing a single mission like this, you make 10 different missions, and you don't make it timed

that way, you suggest players that they can play weird strategies but they don't have to rush it or do it if they don't want to. also they get options so if you think 5 tps is stupid then you can do 5 melee or whatever

also don't do 5 tp cos that's troll and stupid

The skin really doens't do the splash justice. The darker colors, transparency on her arm and hair, it's just so much better
it's still a pretty lame concept, feels like they were out of ideas or something
Feb 25, 2010
You guys are too harsh on Riot if they release a less than excellent skin. That speaks good of them tho.
for sure, i expect nothing but the best because riot's the best

i'm not gonna ask for the artist to get fired or whatever, it's understandable that a few skins are gonna be not great, but gotta give rito shit for it to keep them honest

i want rito's full potential


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Dec 22, 2007
i'm surprised nobody cared about the legends never die video, i thought we were all really looking forward to it?
I'm not really the target audience for a music video for it so I didn't really wanna comment on it too negatively, but it kind of fits into the larger problem of Riot just not having fun with things now that they are trying to reconstruct their lore. Lots of that stuff is just no frills and very self-serious while failing to really bring the champions together in an interesting way that would represent the in game experience. I think that's part of why I liked the Jinx/Ziggs comic the most, because it brought more unique characters together and was able to have them bouncing off one another. Segregated montages of Ashe/Garen/Lee Sin training kind of just elicit an...."okay?" response from me at this point, which I realize might be overly dismissive, but I'm just not really seeing the hook.