League of Legends World Championship 2017 |SEP 23-NOV 4|

rito's gonna match the 25% of championship ashe sales that goes into the prizepool and put it towards three charities, with one getting 12.5% and the other two getting 6.25%

if last year is anything to go by, that could be like 2 million dollars going to charity which is pretty neat
regardless of what one might think of how american charity works
, and this time it's a much better cute girl skin so hopefully it'll be less

personally i see no charity more worthy than faker's chicken farm so that's where my vote going to
Wait, Worlds is starting so soon?! I'm not even diamond yet and the season is gonna end soon. 😭 I'm hyped for this worlds for once. Last time I enjoyed worlds was like in S4. The teams this year are looking better than ever.
It would be pretty cool if a chinese team beat SKT1 in the finals. The crowd there would go crazy.

I don't know if I should get some spicy wings to watch the opening/play-ins or not.
So literally have not kept up with the pro scene at all this year.

Hear that longzu is favored now? Also does NA have a chance to get out of groups this year lol?
What does that gesture mean? (fnatic)
no fucking idea lol

So literally have not kept up with the pro scene at all this year.

Hear that longzu is favored now? Also does NA have a chance to get out of groups this year lol?
longzhu is kind of a mystery, it's more about the other two korean teams than longzhu, which we're still trying to figure out. history has taught us not to bet against skt but skt struggled (they freaking went on a 8 game losing streak) on the summer split and this roster looks the shakiest of all the skts so it might be the first time they not win worlds. ssg also looked kind of half assed for a while but they destroyed kt and they looked fantastic last worlds, so they might surprise if skt continues to slump. back to longzhu, they looked amazing at the finals and had a great split but lots of rookies, and who knows how they look on the current patch, etc.

korea is really weird this year (but still really fucking good)

NA has good chances of getting out of both groups since they got fairly easy (all things considered) groups. then again NA is NA so...
i don't think they played any competitive on this patch but these are some of the most important on the regional qualifiers i can think of: xayah, cassiopeia, gragas, chogath, kalista, jarvan, galio, gnar, taliyah
Such an explosive start to the Worlds. Some of these team fights was just exhilarating.
Too bad Lyon just collapsed there at the end. Why waste your Ult, as a Syndra, on Chogath?
I don't think they really positioned their Kog and Syndra correctly or did the right things with the Syndra. Too many times Syndra was split and looking for hero plays when it would be better to sit near the Kog, CC the tanks, and threaten a big turnaround with orbs/ult onto the backline if WE push forward. And Kog built FroMal last item when he desperately needed more DPS to take down the Cho during the initial CC chain through his Stoneplate.
Lyon still has the same issues as 3 years ago.

They still have to work on their macro, a lot. Like last year they did the same thing about trying to do Baron with low health after winning a tf. That time at least one died tho. And after losing Baron they didn't know where to go and let WE get dragon and a tower out of those few seconds of indecision.
Yeah that baron was not great. Could just 4-man it with Syndra after clearing the mid wave. If WE check best case for them is some messy trade that stops it.
yea gotta see if it's first game jitters but here's hoping there's more to offer from china

lyon gave them a good fight, there were lots of weird decisions (i think lee went for the baron steal instead of protecting kog or setting up flanks twice against a chogath team) but WE also had a lot of issues (like mystic facechecking a bush and losing half his health, or mystic getting caught 200 times in teamfights), but they just outmacro'd them pretty easily

fun first game for worlds, i'm so glad it's finally here
Well C9 should get out of play-ins at least.

I’m excited to see Gambit. Edward was one of my favorite players to watch, old Gambit/Moscow 5 was prime entertainment no matter what they did. Probably the trolliest team in eSports history.
It is really nice to see Cloud 9 take a commanding win while centering their team comp around Sneaky.

You know that tougher teams later in the tournament are going to focus on shutting down Jensen, it's a great sign seeing C9 able to switch the carry.
It is so sad to see Brazil go from one of the strongest wildcard regions to this. From taking games from major regions in the last 3 worlds to being stomped by on of the worst regions.

I am also not enjoying the cast that much.
china sandbagging as usual lol

c9 not screwing around

lyon looks above the rest but probably not gonna beat the major regions in a bo5

i don't mind the casters, it's never as easy to cast these games, not as many storylines and recognizeable names and impressive play and whatnot, so it comes up a bit awkward

Why is it that whenever I see Gambit play any competitive game they fucking suck?
i mean, gambit was never a very successful team, it was moscow 5 that had the whole korean slaying legend and all that stuff

that being said, CIS competition is probably a step down from EU, edward and diamond are not on their old power level, kira is not old alex ich etc
Their (reported) explanation afterward was even more baffling. Apparently they took Jax to bait a counter matchup in the top lane. But the other team took Rumble! Which has been one of Jax's best matchups since 2012 (at a certain point, surprisingly early on, Rumble simply can't trade with him without getting battered, those ult resists make him too tanky and he has more DPS), so they didn't need to take Fiora to have the winning matchup.
why don't these lower regions not know how to close out their leads, game after game after game
Minor regions tend to have huge issues when it comes to macro, so unless they can get a huge lead during laning phase and brute force their way through they tend to fall flat.

Like the fist Lyon vs WE game where Lyon had more kills but was never ahead in gold due to being behind in objectives.

In this DW vs C9 game, yes DW punish C9 in laning phase, but C9 never really falls more than a few thousand gold behind and a lot of kills went to the support. Then it moves into DW making mistakes in macro and getting punished for it.

You need good competition in order to make yourself better and the minor regions just don't have the depth of talent that major regions do. If NA was TSM + TL (x9) or EU was G2 + MM (x9) their macro ability would also drop because no one would be punishing their mistakes.
why don't these lower regions not know how to close out their leads, game after game after game
I believe it has to do with having an overall lower level of competition in minor regions.

I've noticed a big trend in NA this split has been learning to play from a deficit. Maintaining composure to avoid tilt, communicating within teams to find small comeback opportunities. Those aren't trivial tasks and require experienced players and coaching staffs.

And if you aren't regularly playing against teams that are able to put up a challenge while behind, you can never truly learn to hold onto a lead and close out a game.