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Leaked banner of games to be shown at Xbox/Bethesda showcase?


Fuck yes! This show won't suck, but it'll be padded out with some virtue signaling segments.

This picture is probably fake though, it's like a wet dream. Silksong in there too.

Are You Serious For Real GIF by Bounce
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Sounds too good to be true for me, so probably fake unfortunately.
Plus if Everwild really is in as bad a state as thos 'rumours', then i doubt they would show it this show.
Aldso didnt MS say everyone of their studios provided content for the show?, well there simply arent enough games here if that was true. Unless MS just wont show everyhting they have.


Team fake.

As it's age of empires 4, not age of empires.

Hot wheels expansion and not expansion 1.

& I can't imagine overdose is coming soon.

But I do think overdose is Xbox related after it's name leaked, various Xbox fans like parris etc, were condemning NDA breakers/leaker on twitter.
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Has to be fake. It's not possible that the rumored Kojima game is the only new announcement. Everything else is already known.

What a boring show if true.


Just a quick glance lets you know it's totally fake. We shouldn't be making threads to cater to someone who copies and pastes to a pretty popular stock background lol.


do not tempt fate do not contrain Wonder Woman's thighs do not do not
Team Fake.
The Forxa Horizon 5 expansion pack would have a name if this was a real image.
They wouldnt just say Expansion Pack 1.
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