Leaked: BattleCat is Ubisoft new Splinter Cell, Division and Ghost Recon FPS game


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Twitter user Zer0Bytes published a series of images showing the title on Sunday, via what appears to be an internal marketing document. VGC understands the images are authentic and that ‘BattleCat’ is a first-person shooter targeting consoles and PC.

We were told the project is currently in the early stages of development and will not feature at the Ubisoft Forward event set to take place later this week. We’ve asked Ubisoft for comment on this story.

‘BattleCat’ combines the Splinter Cell, Ghost Reckon: Breakpoint and Division games into a single Tom Clancy multiplayer title. The leaked images show Splinter Cell’s Echelon as playable characters, as well Breakpoint’s Wolves and The Division’s Cleaners and Outcasts.

Each character class has its own unique ability, the images claim, such as Echelon’s radar stealth and Wolves’ additional armour, as well as an ultimate ability such Outcasts’ Divine Intervention, which stops nearby allies dying for a limited time.

The leak describes two game modes; Escort, which requires attackers to escort a package to a delivery zone, with defenders out to stop it, and Ringleader, a mode which has players fighting to collect rings from fallen opponents.

Ubisoft previously combined its Tom Clancy properties with mobile game Elite Squad, a free-to-play RPG shooter released last year, in which players assemble and upgrade heroes and villains from Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and more.

Why are they incapable of just making a fucking new Splinter Cell game in the style of the old games? Worst dev/publisher in the biz. Putting out absolute fucking dross while sleeping on their best IP.

Because the old games don't sell enough to warant such an investment. Ubisoft isn't interested in making games that sell 5-6 million copies anymore.

David Jaffe had a good video on this essentially saying "Start looking to AA PC if you want games like Splinter Cell.
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It's over guys, the dream is dead. We should have known this if we saw this heartfelt message of Sam Fisher realizing hes all alone in the stealth game business.

This was from a DLC for Ghost Recon apparently, but the devs added this scene in and um, well, I think they themselves knew it was the end of the road.

RIP Splinter Cell, you will be sorely missed.
There's two shots from the first person camera perspective.

If playing as third echelon also comes in the form of first person I'll jump on the Ubi hate bandwagon with the rest of you guys.

Until then, suck it single player gamer nerds. Multiplayer is the future!
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Ubi doesnt have the talent for a new splinter cell and they re most likely not interested to have a single player game they can't monetize outside of far cry


Why are they incapable of just making a fucking new Splinter Cell game in the style of the old games? Worst dev/publisher in the biz. Putting out absolute fucking dross while sleeping on their best IP.
I have friends who work at ubi and honestly they are incapable of making any decent game, they so much staff that its chaos and most its just reused code thats been slighty tweaked, splinter cell is dead


Ubisoft ... all you have to do ... make Splinter Cell ... Make the MP like Pandora or Chaos Theory ... win

SC: PT or CT are still some of the best MP experiences I have had and nothing has come close to it even to this day.
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The typical Ubi-trash you expect from them, but even worse.
Sadly this is a sign of the times where publishers throw out cheap to produce GaaS titles in the hopes of scoring a Rocket League or Fortnite level hit. If it fails they just nuke the servers.
This is also Sony's strategy for getting on PC, gonna hurt watching good devs limp out with an edgy "what the kids like these days" multiplayer game.
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Hahahahahaha Tom Clancy's Overwatch.

What a joke. This is what happens when you fucking chase trends.
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