Leaked Dark Souls 2 Concept Art looks grossly incandescent

Boob plates? Really?
That IS becoming more common it seems, it didn't bug me until it was pointed how impractical it really would be to design it like that, now it sticks out almost as much as throwing high heels on anyone meant to actually to dress relatively practically for combat (read: Samus, not Bayonetta.)
That was the first thing I noticed too!
The original DS doesn't have boobplate, does it?
Demon's Souls had distinct armors whether male or female, but I can't recall if that was the case there or not.

Of course with the way that was set up it ended up being more practical for female characters to wear Executioner Miralda's set anyway so many people may never have noticed. In the case of Dark Souls there simply wasn't a gender restriction on equipment and everyone's looked the same unless it was cloth (or chain mail) thus there wasn't any breast armor.
i dunno... doesn't look like it's dark souls-ish enough
the concept arts from dark souls 1 was very dark if i remember correctly

i think these are just fan arts


There should be more tampons in gaming
I'll say it because no one else has said it but man, that is a big ass dragon! And the dude with the multiple arms and flame swords...can't wait to fight him! Idk Dark Souls 2 may win back it's place in my heart that Dragon's Dogma stole from it's predecessor
Its just concept art. I don't think there were any differences between sexes for the armor sets in Dark Souls. One size fits all.
Yep. It solves the issue of impracticality while simultaneously being easier to implement since they wouldn't need to make different versions of the armor, just distort the base model a little bit.
That was the first thing I noticed too!
The original DS doesn't have boobplate, does it?
OG Demon's Souls did have gender-exclusive armor, though I don't think it had outright boob plates. The only one that's really armor and not a robe is this one, and the ball's up in the air about it.

A really interesting flip-through with some cool ideas! I can only imagine the briefing for the concept artist: "So we want you to figure out as many different ways to inconveniently position a boat as you can. And your height reference for each building should be that girl you drew earlier with the puffy onion pants."
Demon Souls had distinctly different armor assets for Male vs. Female, but Dark Souls mostly used the same assets for both sets of armors. Personally I think having different assets is a nice touch.
Dark Souls 2 = Teenage white male power fantasy with sexism, appealing to dudebros. Cancelling pre-order.

Kidding. I should create a female character someday though. Love the fur armor and the flame spider.
Gorgeous! Thanks for posting.

I'm less enthused about some of the creature and character designs; they seem like old hat. The environment ones, though...wow!

This one looks like it was taken straight out of Piranesi's Carceri.
Wouldn't have guessed these would be for a new Dark Souls on their own. Glad From isn't shying from experimenting, but then they never do.