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Leaked Screenshot and Concept Art for a zombie game (State of Decay 2?)

More zombies!

In game(?)

Concept art

via gwyn, again lol


State of Decay had potential if this is a more ambitious and polished version it could end up being great.
Dear Phil,

I like you and what you have done for Xbox, but dude, STOP BUYING WARSHIPS OF HYPE WITH LEAKHOLES IN THEM.

Yours sincerely,

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I can't wait for State of Decay 2! I've been following Undead Labs for years, even before the launch of State of Decay where it was previously known as Class 3.

They've wanted to do multiplayer for a long time, hopefully we'll see it with their next game!


Since it's probably State of Decay 2, I wonder if it's still going for the MMO approach that was originally envisioned, or if they're paring it down to be a shared world experience instead.


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not sure if want. First game had promise but eeeeeh

The first game I thought had a neat premise but some of the systems didn't work together in the best possible way so sometimes I felt like it was a little aimless. And it was technically a mess.

I like the idea of "survival" games in general, zombie or not.
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