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Lego Worlds coming to Switch?


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It seems like he forgot that it hasn't been officially announced. That tweet also makes it sound like other games are in development/under consideration.

LEGO being on Nintendo platforms definitely make sense from a brand perspective, so I expect most of the upcoming games to hit the system.
Oh sweet!! I wanted to buy this on Steam, but don't have the best computer, so I held off. Glad it's coming!! I'll definitely pick this up!!


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@arthur_parsons Sure about the Switch for Worlds? Based on what the team's told me, major optimizations would be required for Switch specs.

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@GameUnboxing I wouldn't call it confirmed, based on what I've heard from the team. I wouldn't be too surprised is Arthur is mistaken.


It would have been far more surprising if any future LEGO game didn't appear on Switch.

Hmm. This is a port of an older game maybe?


I can't remember ever having tried an uncresponsive and clunky capacitive touch screen. Maybe I been lucky.
I have been playing on the Steam Early Access version for awhile now. My son and I play it via splitscreen and have a blast with the game.

Hopefully the devs can squeeze enough power out of the Switch to be able to retain splitscreen and still run smooth. We shall see.

Edit-Lego Worlds Steam


I thought this was confirmed earlier today with an official announcement on twitter? I kind of remember seeing a logo/graphic.
I thought this was confirmed earlier today with an official announcement on twitter? I kind of remember seeing a logo/graphic.

I googled and found nothing that didn't source Arthur's tweet.

It's funny that just yesterday or so I was wondering why this wasn't coming to Switch, but I assumed it was due to the complexity or it being a bit late (as the PS4 and XBO versions are due next month in February).

Hopefully if this is happening, they get it on Switch as faithfully as possible.

It'd also be a rare game so far to be a port of a high-end game no? It was a Steam game to start, but clearly it seems to be PS4 and XBO-caliber, only other game I think is Steep by Ubisoft, which is definitely confirmed.


Well, Lego Worlds can run on low-end devices but its a bit rough. Of course, console optimisation would help there of course, so I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility, and if push comes to shove they could possibly limit the world size below the other versions. I'm just not sure why Arthur would even mention Worlds in that tweet in the first place if he didn't know it was coming to Switch.

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They're going to have another direct before launch right? Too many things are coming without Nintendo in control of the narrative.


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To those wondering what happened with Switch version. Coming from Chris Rose, LEGO Worlds Associate Producer:

"We decided to make this version on January. We were looking at the development of LEGO City Undercover, so we asked the team 'How are you going with that?' and the answer was truly positive, testers were very happy with it. Then, we said: 'Ok, let's try it [bringing LEGO Worlds to Switch]', we started to do programming things and testing some optimizations for the graphics engine. This started like three weeks ago, on February. We think that having a portable version of the game is something really interesting, so we went for that."

Source: https://www.nextn.es/2017/03/lego-worlds-nintendo-switch-desarrollo-febrero/

Don't know if it's threadworthy!
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