Let’s look at gaming’s most ancient, epic revenge story.

Apr 11, 2008
EDIT: The definitive and heavily expanded rewrite of this article has been published by Kotaku here. I think it might be quadruple the size of this one, and reads a lot better!

Original Post:

This thread has two purposes: to expand on a story arc that often goes overlooked, and to exhibit some extraordinary artwork. All art pieces are credited and linked to their source.

(Artist: Pacman23)

The lore of the Metroid saga is rich and ancient, and full of vengeance. The story really begins tens of thousands of years ago, with an avian race of prophetic poets fighting a war throughout the cosmos. The Chozo – the dominant species in the pre-history of the Metroid universe - gaze into possible futures, invade living worlds, and engage in massively misguided genetic engineering to fight against the horrors of evolution. The primitive human race remains wholly ignorant of this war in heaven, emerging from their caves with no clue that humanity will be the final victors.

I’m going to explore this rich history - this Chozo war that continued long after the species extinction. There will be references to the games, and a healthy amount of speculation to try and fill in unresolved story gaps – of which there are a lot of. You can consider the piece to be either a makeshift timeline illustrated with fanart, or just one fan’s attempt to reconcile the series continuity.

Before we begin, let’s briefly revisit the following lore:

  • Metroids are a genetically-engineered species, created by the Chozo.

  • By the time the games’ begin, Metroids exist on two planets: SR388 and Phaaze. The log data in Metroid Prime Trilogy establishes that the Metroid creature in the Tallon IV Leviathan had been there since it was ejected from Phaaze.

  • The Chozo had a buried laboratory beneath SR388, and there were remnants of battle armour on Phaaze.

  • The Elysian observatory confirms that the Chozo were very aware of Phaaze. They learned that planets can be alive.

  • Living planets can imbue information from more intelligent life, as shown when Phaaze is implanted with an Aurora Unit.

  • The arc of all the games ends with the destruction of SR388.

And let us consider one hypothesis:

  • SR388 resists Samus for the entirety of her time on the planet. The geology shifts and changes, and seems to guide her into confrontation. The ocean of acid that floods the world shifts in precision response to Samus’ presence and progress. To echo the revelation of a living planet in Metroid Prime III, we could also consider whether SR388 is too a living world.

With that idea, let us begin.

The War in Heaven – The First Living Planet

(Artist: 3ihard)

On an unknown planet in the universe, a race of avian humanoids evolves. The species that will come to be known as the Chozo possesses great strength, agility and intelligence. The species is peaceful, and is driven by a social/religious value that nature is sacred.

(Artist: 3ihard)

Certain individuals a born with a unique gift – the vague comprehension of events set to take place in the distant future. Driven by these prophecies, the race advances quickly and becomes space faring. With abstract predictions of a hostile universe, the Chozo develop powered armour and armaments to defend themselves.

(Artist: Elearia)

The Chozo discovered that - despite their prophets’ visions of a chaotic and warring universe – the galaxy was at peace. First contact was made with a number of races, such as the Ylla, the N’kren, the Bryyonians and the Luminoth. The species shared their cultures and technology, and gently colonised wild worlds such as Aether, Elysia, and Tallon IV.

(Artist: 3ihard)

Throughout this galactic renaissance, the Chozo prophets continued to receive increasingly severe visions of chaos. They foresaw a universe consumed by war, of horrors evolving on distant worlds and a great toxicity waiting to infect the universe. As the visions became more precise, the species began to isolate itself from its allies, and became intensely driven to fight this unclear threat.

(Artist: DanilLovesFood)

The Chozo needed more potent tools to locate the unseen danger. They expanded their SkyTown colony on the gas giant Elysia, remaking it into a vast interstellar observatory powered by the planet’s endless storms. The facility was of such scale that an entire species of artificial life was necessary to maintain it. The Chozo created their first species – the mechanical Elysians.

Probes were launched across the universe, and the Elysians and Chozo scrutinised the data. The search took generations, and the planet’s tempestuous atmosphere took its toll on SkyTown, weathering the station. Eventually a partial transmission from a decaying and distant satellite, set prophecy in motion.

(Artist: Mechanical-Hand)

The data received was terrifying. The blue planet registered as an organism, somehow existing as both mineral and flesh. Impossible radiation pulsed from the surface, which overwhelmed the satellite and rendered it inert. The location of the planet was lost, and only a broad region of space could be established.

The Chozo reconciled this discovery with their prophecies. On this planet of poison, could a creature have evolved so vicious, that it endangered the universe?

(Artist: 3ihard)

The Chozo left SkyTown, leaving the Elysians to continue monitoring the stars for the rogue planet. The facility continued to decay around them, and they tirelessly searched until their technology became inoperative.

For the Chozo, finding the deadly planet became a priority. A ship was dispatched to the dark corner of the universe where their satellite had been lost. Their best warriors, scientists and prophets, knowing that they may never be coming home, voyaged for the hostile world.

(Artist: SesakaTH)

After generations, the descendents of the original Chozo crew finally found the planet. Their scans confirmed their worst fears – the cauldron of radiation and mutation had produced devastating creatures. If these monsters somehow escaped their containment on Phaaze, they could devastate the universe. With younger races such as Humans and Zebesians only centuries away from space travel, the Chozo could not risk them finding this world and releasing its terrors.

The Chozo expedition was at an impasse. The threat needed to be neutralised, but severe action against the planet would be sacrilege. The Chozo hold life sacred, and could not destroy the planet.

(Artist: Methuselah3000)

A dangerous plan was agreed. The ship landed on the planet, exposing the crew to tremendous radiation. Chozo warriors in power suits fought the planet’s creatures as they approached the ship, watching their kin die around them, in a desperate mission to buy time.

The scientists within the ship harnessed the intense radiation of the planet and tried to engineer a predator that could neutralise the worst creatures. With access to the unique Phazon mutagen that covered the poisonous world, genetic engineering that should have taken decades was done in days. The Chozo engineered the first Metroid.

The creature was unleashed onto the planet, and the radiation caused it to reproduce quickly. The resulting swarm of Metroids consumed the planet’s monstrosities and established themselves as Phaaze’s apex predator.

The Chozo mission was complete. The worst creatures had been neutralised, and without a food source the Metroids should also starve and expire. The cost had been enormous – most of the crew had been killed defending the ship, and the survivors were deathly ill from radiation poisoning. The burnt and damaged ship took off for the long journey home, but the crew soon succumbed to the radiation they had endured. The autopilot took the ship of Chozo bodies home.

On Phaaze, the Metroid creatures proved to be more adaptive than planned, and sustained themselves on the endless radiation. The corpses of Chozo warriors were absorbed into the planet, and their battle armour became slowly weathered and scattered. The planet’s slow sentience developed an outrage that seethed under its continents. It had been violated by the Chozo. It developed a very primitive concept of purpose and retribution.

Over decades, Phaaze established a vague awareness of concepts it had absorbed from the brains of the Chozo warrior corpses – and the location of two worlds from the Chozo’s memories. As the planet entered its reproductive cycle, it purposely directed two of its seeds towards the planets Tallon IV and Aether. In the seed sent to the Chozo world, Phaaze included a single Metroid creature and some ruined pieces of Chozo armour – intended as a reminder of the crime it had endured.

The expedition ship – heavily damaged by radiation and lack of maintenance – was guided back to civilisation by an increasingly eratic auto-pilot. After decades it eventually approached the Chozo world of Zebes, and crash-landed onto its surface. The Chozo civilisation attempted to recover its data logs with very limited success – they were able to understand the sacrifice that the heroic crew had made, and confirm the apparent success of the Metroids in neutralising the creatures on the living planet. The Chozo authority were not able to establish the location of Phaaze, or recover much in the way of scientific data concerning it.

The painful birth of Metroid Prime, and its hunger for revenge

(Artist: Methuselah3000)

As the Tallon IV seed began its centuries of travelling through space, the lone Metroid within absorbed vast amounts of Phazon and radiation. It became self-aware, and grew in size, intelligence and strength. It used the ruined pieces of Chozo armour to construct itself an exoskeleton, and descended into madness. It resented Phaaze for imprisoning it in the Leviathan, and resented the Chozo for creating and discarding the Metroids. It decided that it would survive, bring order to the chaotic universe that birthed it, and somehow enslave Phaaze to its will. In its solitude, it plotted its revenge.

The War in Heaven – The Second Living Planet

With a clear understanding of the danger of living planets – the Chozo authority began to look for any other similar threats. With more advanced technology than they had during the Elysian era, they were unfortunate enough to find one.

(Artist: PeaceFistArtist)

The Chozo detected a world in a dark corner of the galaxy, so obscure that it didn’t have a name. The planet was codenamed SR388, and satellites picked up strange qualities – though seemingly mineral, the caverns and liquids beneath the surface shifted with metabolic pace. A ship was dispatched, and the strongest Chozo warriors braved the caverns beneath the surface.

(Artist: Mykiio)

Few made it back. They told of a cauldron of evil, an environment so hostile and vicious that it had birthed the most terrible things. Beneath that planet, evolution had been won by a parasite that could steal the flesh, abilities, memories and strengths of all of its prey. If this creature somehow gained access to the wider universe, no force could contain it. At this stage, it was unclear if the planet was alive or not.

The threat had to be dealt with. Remembering the apparent success of the Chozo expedition to Phaaze, a plan was put into action. The Chozo assembled their best and brightened, their strongest and wisest. They carved their way into SR388, and dispatched mechanical creatures to construct secure facilities. Robots and Chozo warriors dispatched all instances of the X-Parasite as they found them, but casualties were high. The planet fought the Chozo at every turn, drowning them in acid and unleashing ambushes of creatures.

Deep in the planet, a glass laboratory was created, its walls highly resistant to SR388’s acid belly. Here, in proximity to the X-Parasites, the Chozo scientists began their work.

(Artist: 3ihard)

The Chozo tried to recreate the plan of their ancestors – the use of Metroids to pacify creatures too dangerous to exist. Without access to the same planetary radiation and materials the Phaaze expedition had, progress was slow. As the war against the planet was raging around them, the Chozo scientists were able to engineer Metroids, but not a variant strong enough to overcome the X-Parasites. As more and more Chozo died protecting the laboratory, a different approach was needed.

(Artist: Starshadow76)

The Chozo succeeded in creating a Metroid Queen, who would deposit Metroid Hatchling eggs. When grown this way, the resulting Metroids were strong and durable creatures, and able to feed off the energies of the X-Parasites with ease.

The scientists collected Hatchling Eggs and the surviving Chozo warriors distributed them across the planet. Soonafter the eggs hatched, and the X-Parasites were immediately overwhelmed by the infant Metroids. The X-Parasites were quickly hunted to near-extinction, with only a few surviving cells entering a state of suspension deep in the planet.

The Chozo had won their war, but only just. Most of the warriors and scientists had not survived, and those that were left had to make sure that the X-Parasites had been permanently suppressed. The planet shook with tremors – the earth shifted and acid poured, as if the world was trying to crush the Chozo in their glass laboratory.

The X-Parasites did not return, and the Metroid Queen continued to scream as her prison shook. The Chozo didn’t realise it, but her despair was being heard.

The Revenge of SR388

(Artist: Hermax669)

SR388 had been violated by the Chozo. Though very different to Phaaze, SR388 had its own vague sense of awareness. It perceived the Chozo as a viral infection, and the dead X-Parasites as part of itself. It understood loss, and shook with ancient rage.

It changed itself to change the Metroids. It adopted them to replace the X-Parasites, and quickly killed the weaker breeds. It moved its radioactive minerals closer to their eggs and soon mutated the species. As SR388 had done with X, it did with the Metroids. It made them strong.

Alpha, Gamma, Zeta and Omega Metroids spawned quickly, and responded to the screams of their Queen. With their bulk and strength, they smashed through the glass laboratory and slaughtered their Chozo creators. The Chozo warriors were hunted down and crushed.

SR388 developed into a new cauldron of hostility. The Metroids served as the Apex predator, and the robots of the Chozo deteriorated into machine madness and prowled the ruins killing on sight. The Chozo mission to suppress the X-Parasite had been a success, but the planet had gained its revenge.

The Revenge of Phaaze

The Chozo had devastated two planets for the good of the universe, and sustained many causalities. The superpredators of Phaaze were extinct and the X-Parasites were apparently gone forever. With the emergency over, the race became consumed with a collective sense of guilt over their necessary actions. The Chozo believed the life of the universe to be sacred, and had to reconcile their aggressive actions with their faith.

Worse still, their prophets continued to have visions of endless battles and death. War was coming to the universe, and it seemed that their sins had not saved them. Some began to doubt these visions. A schism occurred. Some Chozo colonies remained involved with universal affairs, to try and help prevent the prophesised war.

The bulk of the Chozo civilisation retreated to the colony on Tallon IV. Technology was shunned, and a simpler, poetic life began. The Chozo reconnected themselves with the natural world and tried to live in harmony with it. The prophets tried to warn their fellows of a great poison that was to come, but these visions were met with increasing dismissal.

The day finally came when the prophets were believed.

(Artist: Hameed)

Phaaze’s seed crashed into the new homeworld of the Chozo, and it brought poison and death. The impact survivors watched as their sacred nature succumbed to the mutagens leaked from the seed, and were hunted as the flora and fauna became deadly. Phazon spread beneath the surface of the dying planet, and radiation levels started to rise.

(Source: Riivka)

The Chozo’s punishment for their sins, and the fulfilment of Phaaze’s wrath, reached biblical proportions. The Chozo of Tallon IV did not get to rest in peace. Their life energies suffered from Phazon disruption, and upon death they became mad ghosts who screamed forever as they were torn in and out of the material world. In this purgatory, the undead immaterial Chozo murdered anyone they could find.

As their numbers dwindled, the last of the Chozo constructed a great temple above the impact crater. Within this temple, they used what little technology remained to project an energy field around the Leviathan to slow the scale of contagion. As the Chozo civilisation on Tallon IV was extinguished, their dying prophets told of a hero who will one day emerge, to enter the crater and defeat the evil worm within.

Within the Impact Crater, Metroid Prime remained trapped behind the Chozo energy field, in an armour made from the remains of ancient Power Suits, waiting for its own revenge.

The End of the Renaissance

Tallon IV and Aether were both devastated by Phaaze’s revenge. The Chozo and Luminoth were now endangered species, with only small colonies escaping the devastation. Without the help of the Chozo, the Elysians fell into disrepair and machine madness. The Bryonnians sustained a cataclysm, the nature of which is unclear, but soon devolved the race to a bestial existence. The Alimbics ascended to a higher plane of existence, and the Diamonts mysteriously disappeared. The alliance of the old races was dead.

On the planet Zebes, the prophets of a small Chozo settlement have visions of the inheritor of their dying race. They see a human woman in orange Chozo armour, and build murals to herald her coming.

Centuries passed and the younger races of the universe – the Humans, Space Pirates, Vhozons, Krikens, Jovians, Phrygisians and others - became space faring. They discovered that they were in an old and vengeful universe, surrounded by ruins, and that the past had many secrets.

The raids of K-2L and Zebes

K-2L was a human colony in which the young Samus Aran lived with her family. The Space Pirates raided the colony and murdered everyone she ever knew. With this act, the Space Pirates quite incidentally created their nemesis.

A nearby small Chozo settlement on the planet Zebes picked up the colony distress signal and sent a ship. They found Samus to be the only survivor of the massacre. Samus was adopted by the Chozo, and the begin to recognise her as their inheritor, the woman who will wear the orange armour as prophesised.

(Artist: R3dFiVe)

They raise the girl as one of their own, and train her in exploration, technology and combat. They foresee she has an important future, and do everything they can to equip her for it.

(Artist: Eyes5)

Samus leaves the colony, and during her absence, a Space Pirate raid takes place. Samus discovers that her second family, have been murdered in the same manner as her first. She is alone in the universe.

The Galactic Federation discovers SR388

(Artist: Fireborn Form)

Events are escalating. The Galactic Federation discovers the dark planet SR388. The planet perceives the human presence, and has a clear awareness of the devastation caused by the last strangers who invaded. Rather than flood the invaders with its acid oceans, or corner them into an ambush, SR388 apparently allows the scientists to take some young Metroid organisms.

As SR388 has spent centuries honing these creatures into perfect killers, it perhaps allows the young hatchlings to be taken, so that they can grow and kill all strangers beyond the stars. The planet’s revenge against an outside universe, that refuses to leave well enough alone.

The Metroid hatchlings that have been taken, will be soon stole by the space pirates and ignite a war across the stars. SR388 has unleashed havoc across the universe.
Apr 11, 2008
The Revenge of Samus Aran

(Artist: Ojanpohja)

The Space Pirates have killed everyone Samus ever knew. She has now lost two families and two worlds. In her first mission as a Bounty Hunter, Samus is assigned by the Galactic Federation to neutralise the stolen Metroids.

(Artist: Stuart Hughe)

Samus unleashes her wrath on the Space Pirate, and shows them no mercy. In a very short period of time, she does the following:

  • Invades the Space Pirates base on Zebes.

  • Kills an army of Space Pirates

  • Murders Ridley, Kraid and the Mother Brain.

  • Invades a Space Pirate ship after losing her Power Suit.

  • Discovers she is a hero as told by prophetic murals and gets a better Power Suit.

  • Kills Mecha Ridley and destroys his ship.

  • Chases the Space Pirate survivors off Zebes and relentlessly pursues them through space.

  • Invades and destroys the Space Pirate Frigate Orpheon.

  • Lands in Tallon IV and invades all of their facilities, killing another army of Space Pirates.

  • Destroys their Metroid Breeding, Phazon Mining, and Experimental Soldier development facilities.

  • Kills the experimental Omega Priate, another incarnation of Ridley, and various prototype weaponised creatures.

  • Chases the Space Pirates off the planet.

(Artist: Imachinivid)

Samus comes to be known as “The Hunter”, and the Space Pirates learn that they will always be hunted down for what they did to her families.

The Revenge of Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime has spent millennia imprisoned. Phaaze placed it in the Tallon IV Leviathan to let the Chozo know the reason for their punishment, and it has been forgotten about. The evolved Metroid was burdened with self-awareness due to the intense Phazon mutagen, and went mad in captivity. When it finally achieved a planetary collision, the Chozo erected an energy field to keep it in its cell.

(Artist: Kritken)

During Samus’ mission on Tallon IV she opens Metroid Prime’s cage, not at all realising the horrors she is about to let unleash on the universe. Samus battles the creature and seemingly defeats it, leaving its remains to melt in the Impact Crater.

Metroid Prime’s exposure to millennia of Phazon have given the creature extremely exotic abilities – the most potent being its ability to survive nearly any level of destruction. The essence of the creature seems to recognise the strength in Samus – the one who could defeat it – and recreates itself in her image. Using Samus’ genetic material, the remains of one of old suits and significant quantities of Phazon, Metroid Prime creates a new body.

(Artist: Imachinivid)

As Dark Samus, Metroid Prime has five agendas:

  • Kill Samus Aran.

  • Acquire Phazon.

  • Revenge on Phaaze.

  • Subjugate the Universe

  • No Longer Be Alone.

Metroid Prime invades the nearest other planet hit by a Phazon Leviathan, the chaotic planet Aether. It absorbs mass quantities of Phazon but is unable to defeat Samus, and is once again destroyed.

Recreating itself, Metroid Prime discovers that its abilities are evolving. It becomes aware that it can control the thought processes of entire civilisations, and uses this to efficiently conquer the Space Pirate Homeworld. The Pirates succumb to immediate religious fervour in her presence.

With this new army, Metroid Prime instigates a complex plan that will fulfil its agenda and avenge itself. It steals a Galactic Federation organic Aurora Unit, and travels to Phaaze, thousands of years after being forced off the planet. It violates the sentient world by forcing the Aurora Unit into its body, and overriding Phaaze’s sense of awareness with a programmed AI consciousness.

(Artist: Hexjohn)

Metroid Prime then forces the planet into an unnatural accelerated reproductive cycle, targeting specific worlds with Phazon Leviathans. By infesting worlds with Phazon, and dispersing Metroids onto those worlds, Metroid Prime hopes to create more creatures like itself. Should it be successful, there will be other self-aware Metroids, and it will no longer be alone in the universe.

With these actions, Metroid Prime enacts its revenge for millennia of imprisonment. It lobotomises Phaaze , and uses its body and reproductive cycle for its own purposes. The planet is so weakened by this, that when Samus Aran finally destroys Metroid Prime and the Aurora Unit, the planet loses integrity and explodes.

The Genocide of the Metroids

With the Phazon crisis over, the Metroids distributed throughout the galaxy by the Space Pirates decay rapidly. It seems likely that the Pirates used Phazon to accelerate the cloning process – and with the absence of Phazon – the clones lose stability and die.

With the Space Pirates recovering from their devastating losses in the Phazon war, the Galactic Federation decides that the Metroid creatures are too dangerous to be allowed to exist. Samus Aran is commissioned to invade SR388 and wipe the species out.

(Artist: Jofamo)

Samus ventures through the dark planet, and finds the hoardes of monsters and mad machines within. She ascends towering ruins of the Chozo, and descends vast chasms. She fights through the Alpha, Zeta, Gamma and Omega Metroids, and begins to wipe the species out.

The planet defies her, shifting its caverns around to confuse any attempts at mapping a path. SR388 seemingly shakes with rage when she exterminates all the Metroids in an area – and tries to slow her progress with its oceans of acid. Samus overcomes the hostility surrounding her, and reaches the Glass Laboratory – the grave of the Chozo that invaded the planet millennia ago to stop the X-Parasites.

Within the laboratory, she discovers the Chozo’s creation:

(Artist: BillySan291)

Samus battles the extremely powerful Metroid Queen, and overcomes her. Her mission seemingly complete, Samus vacates the planet.

SR388 appears to have one more surprise in store for the universe. A lone Metroid egg is inexplicably distant from the Queen’s lair – the planet seems to have shifted it directly into Samus’ exit path.

(Artist: WolfEStranged)

The egg hatches and the harmless creature immediately imprints Samus as its mother. The planet makes no more tremors, raises no more acid and allows no creatures to obstruct their path. Perhaps once again, SR388 intends that the Metroid creature will grow strong out among the stars, and kill any strangers who thinks of invading again.

The Last Metroid

If SR388 is indeed a living world, then it allowing the last Metroid to leave the planet could have been intended to cause chaos. Heroes and villains, hunters and hunted, scientists and murderers, all killing each other for the power of the Metroid.
Chaos and madness erupted.

(Artist: M0dus – yes the moderator here at GAF)

(Artist: Zesiul)

(Artist: Rundash)

(Artist: Elemental29)

(Artist: BillySan291)

Samus once again avenges herself on the Space Pirates. Their forces and generals are wiped out, and the final Metroid is dead.

SR388’s Final Onslaught

The Metroids are dead, and a space station has been built to study SR388. The apocalyptic scenario foreseen by the Chozo millennia ago, is about to take place.

(Artist: Phobos-Romulus)

In the darkest part of the planet, a deep cave is opened. It is this place in which SR388 buried the last surviving cells of the X-Parasites millennia ago. They have existed in a dormant state, barely alive.

SR388 has been invaded time and again. The Chozo violated the planet with their Metroids, Samus slaughtered her way through its creatures, and now humans are coming and going with indifference.

The planet releases the X-Parasites onto the humans, and lets them leave to spread the vile creatures across the cosmos. SR388 allowed the most dangerous creature in the universe to evolve in its gut, and will use them to empty the life out of a universe that would simply not leave it alone.

The infection spreads quickly, and Samus nearly dies on the BSL station. She is saved, but at the cost of her humanity.

(Artist: Andarix)

Infused with Metroid genetic material, Samus survives the infection – but everyone else on the station succumbs. Worse still, the X-Parasites are using her own form and abilities to hunt her down.

(Artist: JKujaryam)

The situation is grim. Samus is no longer human, and has become the hunted rather than the hunter. The X-Parasites will eventually escape the BSL Station, and begin their consumption of all the life in the universe. Samus uncovers a Galactic Federation plot to recreate the Metroid race – destroying her trust in her allies. Finally, should Samus succeed in destroying the BSL Station – she will likely live the rest of her life as a fugitive.

Through extraordinary persistence, Samus gains enough strength and abilities to fight and defeat her X-Parasite doppelganger:

(Artist: BillySan291)

Samus defeats the Omega Metroid – the only survivor of the Galactic Federation’s secret plot – and crashes the BSL Station directly into SR388.

With this act, Samus finishes the war started by the Chozo millennia ago. She fulfils her destiny as their inheritor, and prevents the apocalyptic scenario they foresaw. The Metroid series, with its vengeances across the stars, of living planets and ancient civilisations, comes to an end.

Thanks for reading.
Jan 22, 2008
Very well done history lesson on the world of Metroid. It does seem like a certain piece of history is missing though. Surely it must be for the best that it has been lost to time.
Dec 5, 2011
Austin, Texas
Never played any Metroid before, but this thread is amazing. Good work once again Mama. Would have been cool to know which game each part of the story was in, but no complaints.

So, at the end of the last game chronologically (I'm guessing Fusion?) is Samus still part-Metroid?
Jan 16, 2008
I started reading the OP without checking the author, and when I noticed how long and detailed it was I said to myself, "I bet this is a Mama Robotnik thread."

Nailed it.
Aug 19, 2011
Wow. I'm still reading through the OP, but just wanted to take a minute to thank Mama Robotnik for not only this thread, but fantastic past threads as well (like the Legacy of Kain research thread). So, uh, thanks!
Jan 16, 2008
Wow. I'm still reading through the OP, but just wanted to take a minute to thank Mama Robotnik for not only this thread, but fantastic past threads as well (like the Legacy of Kain research thread). So, uh, thanks!
I'll never forgive the mod who killed the Dr. Pleb threads. I mean, WTF. Pearls in the mudpit of the OT.
Sep 16, 2006
Nice job OP.

Interesting lore. Had no idea Fusion was chronologically the last game.
When you start the game it says Metroid IV. Also the plot is about how Samus becomes the last metroid, ironically finally becoming the metroid people mistook her for.

I love the Prime games, but I think they muddle the lore too much. Samus was trained by the Chozo to take down the metroids they had created to destroy the X. It was her life's mission. Having events the size of the Prime saga between Metroid and Metroid 2 undercuts that. Tallon IV having metroids didn't make much sense, and in all the Prime games kinda trivialized the metroids and their importance to Samus.
Apr 11, 2008
This is cool, but the thread title is very misleading. You might want to point out that the foundation of this massive arc is pure fan fiction.
From the moment I posted, this has been the second paragraph:

There will be references to the games, and a healthy amount of speculation to try and fill in unresolved story gaps – of which there are a lot of. You can consider the piece to be either a makeshift timeline illustrated with fanart, or just one fan’s attempt to reconcile the series continuity.

I like to think its clear straight from the start, that I'm filling in gaps. For example, in the OP I try to assert the simplest possible explanation as to why there are Metroids native to Phaaze - that also fits in with the Metroid Prime III scan logs confirming that the Elysia Observatory had been used by the Chozo to find Phaaze. I hope it comes across as speculation - but speculation that fits the gaps and is informed by the many random story tidbits we know.


Jun 26, 2013
Wow you put so much work into this thread, great job. Someone should tweet this to people from Nintendo, they should see how much people want another Metroid plus this thread is just too good.
Sep 16, 2006
The Chozo created the metroids in order to destroy the X-parasites on SR388, which they considered to be the most dangerous lifeform in the galaxy due to the fact that it copies and replaces all other living organisms. The metroids were successful in pushing the X-parasites to the brink of extinction, but they were too powerful and became a threat themselves. To make up for their mistake, they trained Samus to eradicate the metroids.

Eventually Samus did succeed in removing the metroids from SR388, but this allowed the X-parasites that had survived to repopulate the planet. When Samus returned in Metroid Fusion they attacked her. Since metroids were the X-parasite's only predator, metroid DNA was able to cure Samus of the X-parasite infection and she effectively became a metroid herself. Her metroid DNA allowed her to resist and dominate the X-parasites, and in order to eradicate the X completely, she blew up SR388.
Apr 21, 2012
So logically Metroid V should feature a Samus on the run, being hunted by the Galactic Federation... Damn, there is some serious potential here.

Great thread man :eek: The story of Metroid is really well put together. Reading that history was super intriguing!
Aug 31, 2011
I would just like to say that you have the best threads on gaf. The Metroid series has always been a favorite of mine, with Super Metroid being my favorite game
Sep 16, 2006
So logically Metroid V should feature a Samus on the run, being hunted by the Galactic Federation... Damn, there is some serious potential here.

Great thread man :eek: The story of Metroid is really well put together. Reading that history was super intriguing!
Unless they make an Alien 5 we probably won't see what happens after Fusion. Metroid games borrow heavily from the Alien franchise. Fusion was basically Alien Resurrection. Ripley became a Xenomorph hybrid, Samus became a Metroid hybrid. The Galactic Federation became Weyland Yutani.