Let's appreciate... BUBBLE BOBBLE series!

Amazing OP and topic.

Battle of the Ports - Bubble Bobble

It's been said online for years and years that Taito lost the original arcade source code for Bubble Bobble. However, I've noticed a bunch of similarities between the WiiWare Bubble Bobble Plus release and this x68000 version, from specific verbiage in the settings to slight physics differences with the arcade version. Maybe they didn't have the arcade source code, but the source code to the x68000 version might have been a useful/accurate enough stand-in for Taito?


Any chance for a thread on Puzzle Bobble? I just now realized it is different to this series :p
Pretty interested in finding the best games from the franchise.


My favourite game series. I have exceptionally fond memories of trying to get as far into Bubble Bobble as possible with £1 down at our local arcade. I think I’ve owned it on every console of mine which it’s been available for, and I’d kill for a decent portable current gen version with physical controls.

That theme tune, man, that theme tune...
This series more than most, gives me goosebumps as soon as I see that art style. It takes me right back to my childhood, a time when games were so innocent and Taito just made such purely fun games. Loved the Bubble Bobble games, and of course Puzzle Bobble too.
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