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Let's get our SUMO on! Come join us in Communities... | Jan 2022 Grand Tournament


Hey all, your resident Sumo fanatic Tschumi back again to plead for a bit of input on the SUMO TOURNAMENT kicking off today in the land o' the rising sun.

Come across to our Communities thread! In my latest post we have a competition link for the basho, you can watch myriad videos and ask any questions you want, try to submit for the comp and see how you go! THE COMP CLOSES TOMORROW so be quick.

Why is sumo cool?

This thread was fun, so there's that. Also, it's just cool and we can get a lot of youtube videos for coverage and commentary. We can talk about it ad nauseum!

See in the community thread!

Any questions? Ask here and I'll try to sort you out!


Volunteered as Tribute
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