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Let's make customink.com video game shirts!


Seek victory, not fairness
Aug 3, 2012
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Can these actually be purchased? Because if so, the "Coming Soony" one is worth 599 U.S. dollars
Yes, I got the link to mine by saving it and emailing a link to myself. It looks like only this part of the URL is needed:


(Note it'll put the name part of your email in the title bar of the window, so I used one of my secondary accounts)

So, if people saved those earlier designs and still have the email, they can edit that link into their posts and people can use the link to make any touchups they want and order copies.
If people originally saved it with a personal email, they can edit and re-save with a throwaway account, then use the link from the new email and it'll show that name in the title bar instead.
Aug 10, 2013
The folks in the side must be going crazy lol

"all these people designing shirts and nobody is buying them!" hahaha

Though admittedly I'd buy some of these if there was a V-neck option