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Leonidas Leonardi was a pupil of Maurice Ravel and he orchestrated Modest Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition".

Maurice Ravel's orchestration for Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" was a tremendous success back in 1923. A new version of "Pictures at an Exhibition" was commissioned by the publishers of Mussorgsky's piano original (W. Bessel & Co., Paris) since they were quite taken aback by the enormous success of the Maurice Ravel version following its premiere in 1922 under Sergei Koussevitzky's direction. They had assumed that Koussevitzky's commission would not be a success so they asked an orchestration pupil of Ravel himself, Leonidas Leonardi to provide them with an orchestration of their own which would surparss Ravel's. Leonardi duly obliged, dedicated his arrangement to Igor Stravinsky, and conducted the premiere himself with the Lamoureux Orchestra in Paris on 15 June 1924. The US Premiere took place when the New York Symphony Orchestra played it on 4 December 1924 under the baton of Walter Damrosch.

Leonardi's orchestration calls for: 2 flutes & 1 piccolo, 2 oboes & 1 cor anglais, 2 clarinets & 1 bassclarinet, 2 bassoons & 1 contra-bassoon, 1 soprano
saxophone, 1 alto saxophone, 1 tenor saxophone, 8 horns, 4 trumpets & 2 cornets, 3 trombones, 2 bass tubas, 2 harps, piano, glockenspiel, celeste, bells, clashed cymbals, suspended cymbals, snare-drum, triangle, tam-tam, bass drum, timpani and strings.
No recording for Leonardi's orchestrations has ever been traced. As far as I am concerned Leonidas Leonardi has orchestrated several J.S. Bach works.

A few other orchestrations by Leonidas Leonardi are :
-Dietrich Buxtehude / Leonidas Leonardi : Prelude BuxWV 142 In E minor [Fleisher Collection, 1935]
-Scheidt Samuel / Leonidas Leonardi : Cantiones sacrae, Vater unser im Himmelreich [Fleisher Collection]
-Rachmaninoff / Leonidas Leonardi : "Do Not Sing, My Beauty" in A Minor, Op.4 No4 [Breitkopf & Haertel, c1923]
-Rachmaninoff / Leonidas Leonardi : "Christ is Risen" in F Minor, Op. 26 No6 [Breitkopf & Haertel, c1923]
-Rachmaninoff / Leonidas Leonardi : "I Have Grown Fond of Sorrow" in G Minor, Op.8 No4 [Breitkopf & Haertel, c1923]
-Rachmaninoff / Leonidas Leonardi : "The Island" in G Major, Op. 14, No2 [Breitkopf & Haertel, c1923]
-Rachmaninoff / Leonidas Leonardi : "How Painful for Me" in G Minor, Op.21 No12 [Breitkopf & Haertel, c1923]
-Johann Nicholas Hanff / Leonidas Leonardi : Two chorale-preludes, for strings (Auf meinen liben Gott -- Ein' feste Burg) [Fleisher Collection, 1935]
-J.K. Vogler / Leonidas Leonardi : Jesu Leiden, Pein und Tod [Fleisher Collection]
-Johann Gottfried Walther / Leonidas Leonardi : Lobe den Herren, den machtigen Konig der Ehren [Fleisher Collection]
-Frescobaldi Girolamo / Leonidas Leonardi : Concerto in G Minor for Orchestra [Elkan-Vogel, Inc]
Rachmaninov / Leonidas Leonardi : Chanson Georgienne Op. 4 No 4

Leonard Slatkin included some Leonidas Leonardi in his first compilation suite for "Pictures at an Exhibition". Although Leonard Slatkin performed it round the world, he never recorded commercially his 1st suite! Finally we get to see his performance at the BBC Proms 1991 with the Philharmonia Orchestra! ENJOY!
Leonard Slatkin's 1st suite featured :
1. Promenade (Lawrence Leonard)
2. Gnomus (Vladimir Ashkenazy)
3. Promenade II (Lucien Cailliet)
4. The Old Castle (Sergei Gorchakov)
5. Promenade III (Leonidas Leonardi)
6. Tuilleries (Leonidas Leonardi)
7. Bydlo (Henry Wood)
8. Promenade IV (Lucien Cailliet)
9. Ballet of the chicks (Lucien Cailliet)
10.Goldenberg (Sergei Gorchakov)
11.Promenade V (Lucien Caillet)
12.Limoges (Mikhail Tushmalov)
13.Catacombs (Leopold Stokowski)
14.Con Mortuis (Henry Wood)
15.Baba Yaga (Maurice Ravel)
16.Great Gate (Maurice Ravel)

Pianist Joanna MacGregor interviewing Leonard Slatkin, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Edward Johnson and Lawrence Leonard about "Pictures at an Exhibition", before the concert at the BBC Proms 1991.

Then in 2004, when the 2nd suite arrived, Leonard Slatkin had omitted Leonidas Leonardi and Mikhail Tushmalov......Slatkin's 2nd suite was recorded commercially, but.....

A nice Leonidas Leonardi profile.

Leonidas Leonardi's orchestrations for J.S. Bach works
Zaptruder said:
Leonidas Leonardi was a shallow imitation of his archrival Mikhael Michaelangelino.
No he wasn't. Leonidas Leonardi was the one!

Actually Leonard Slatkin revived Leonardi's orchestration in his 1st compilation, but unfortunately Slatkin didn't record it, although he performed it around the world.
And for his second compilation he excluded Leonardi's orchestrations. His second compilation was recorded for Naxos and Warner Classics.
Apropos of the colossal orchestrations, what do you think about this?

It's the 3-voiced Fugue No. 2 (from the Well-tempered Clavier Book I) orchestrated by Leopold Stokowski.
Glenn Gould performs it on piano (the Fugue starts on 2:11, the Prelude precedes)
An artless Fugue, doesn't give a hint for gargantuan proportions.

Leopold Stokowski transforms it into a rich orchestral sonority. The orchestration is colossal. We hear rousing sounds from woodwinds, strings and brass and the fugue reaches a mighty & resplendent closure of cosmic proportions! Try to play this at full volume. If your speakers can handle it, then your speakers are fine. But if your speakers disintegrate, then.....:D
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