Let's Tap for Wii (Prope's game)


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TunaLover said:
If this has an music editor to play your mp3 files, I will buy it.
Yeah, then I could just play "Let's tap theme" on an infinite loop. I like your thinking.
still no idea how to play after reading the article .........
(just know that you don't need to pick/hold the controller)





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I read the thread and was like "heh, the music can't be anything special and... :0".

Color me curious. If this has interesting and fun mini-games and is as wacky as WarioWare or Feel the Magic, I'll bite.
This is the first time I've personally been impressed by a third parties' use of the Wii Remote. Or put more directly, the first time a third party has come up with a new way to interface with games before Nintendo did.


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I like the music, can't get enough of electro basslines ATM. Graphics also look really nice. But do we really need another minigame collection in our lives?
DK Barrel Blast could have been done this way, at least as an option. Props to Naka on the innovation once again, this is the type of thinking Wii developers were supposed to have all along.
Ranger X said:
First game you probably can play by cockslapping.

I'm not sure if it's awesome.
Somewhere out there, a poster on 4chan is already planning to record and upload a video of that.

I think Lexington Steele would break the game.


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Wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo "borrowed" this idea for the future Donkey Kong Jungle Beat port :lol

Looking kinda cool, hope the game has substance, great music.


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the wiimote can really pick up that kind of movement? with enough accuracy to control a game?

huh. i'm skeptical, but definitely intrigued. could be really fun.
Let's tap, left tab, use your tapping game.
Let's tap, and let's tap! Chose your tapping game.
Let's tap, the tap! Future tapping game.

Wow looks like the time away from Sega did Yuji Naka well, seems he's finally got his creative head on again. I wonder if the game is bundled with a free cardboard box! :lol

Edit: Damn beaten by one post!

Ha, I'm really liking Sega's work on the Wii this generation, they seem to be the only major Japanese third party that "gets it".
Why is there no thread about Artoon's Spawn Smasher?

Nice to see Yuji Naka's studio, and Naoto Oshima's studio each making a new IP for the Wii. And ironically Artoon's is published by Nintendo! :lol

It would be nice to see Artoon and Prope at least try to work together on one new IP.

Let's Tap and Spawn Smasher are interesting indeed. Spawn Smasher actually looks far more Sega-ish than Let's Tap, I actually thought Spawn Smasher WAS Let's Tap for that reason when I saw it in the montage! :lol

But the fact that it obviously uses the pointer and that the colors didn't match the blurred shots on the teaser site had me reconsidering my assumption.

So the Wii get's the "dynamic trio", an new Artoon IP, two new Prope IP's (Let's Tap for retail and Let's Catch for WiiWare), and of course, Sonic games including some exclusives! :D