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Liberal Policies are Ruining San Francisco


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Sep 29, 2014
That's also why they invented the new movement of effective altruism as a lot of people were doing more harm than good as you said.
Effective Altruism sounds like rubbish as well. It basically calls on a person to be successful so they can give to help others.


May 12, 2007
California has a huge prison population problem, and they were ordered by a federal judge to deal with it. Decriminalizing smaller crimes was meant to be a solution to that problem
Wasn't it more along the lines of overcrowded jails violating the rights in the Constitution? You make it sound like the judge ordered them to stop prosecuting crimes. In actuality, he said you can't house 50 inmates in a jail designed for 20.

California is chose the option of no punishment because they believe that these "petty" crimes are enforced in a racist way. Alternatively, they could have built more jails, or changed sentencing to have less jail time but make up for it in other penalties. Lots of options to comply with basic human rights that still involve enforcing the law.

And here is where it really burns me up. The government ends up coming down super hard on law abiding citizens and ignoring the serial criminal because there is more profit in it to punish the law abiding. Go after a homeless guy who robs a couple of thousands dollars worth of stuff loses the government a bunch of money. (He wont show up to his court date, can't pay the fine, clogs up your jail, etc.) Throwing the book at a taxpayer who is behind 2000 dollars on his taxes, worth it. So much easier to set up a hold on his bank account, garnish the bank account, etc. cause he actually has a bank account. You see this selective enforcement all the time: car insurance and registration with illegal immigrants, littering, environmental pollution, etc. Government goes after the small subset of people who can pay the penalties, and ignores the largest population of offenders who live outside the law constantly.
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Pumpkin Seeds

Jul 13, 2018

Chesa Boudin is the son of two domestic terrorists who were imprisoned on murder charges. They were members of The Weather Underground, which bombed several buildings, committed jailbreaks and a whole litany of crimes including murder. They were largely funded/trained by the Soviets and sought to bring down the country.

After his parents were put in prison, he was adopted by... the leaders of the Weather Underground and educated/trained by them. The leaders of the WU—like most of the 70s domestic terrorists—got by on case dismissals via technicalities and being hid in universities and communist friendly cell groups. (Normally taking instructions from Moscow and sending operations to Cuba or taking money from Venezuela/Cuba.)

He's now the DA of San Francisco and his main goal is to stop the separation of children form their parents because of his own experience of being separated from his parents because they were violent domestic terrorists and traitors.

So good fucking luck San Fran.


Mar 14, 2018
This isn't new, but I never knew San Francisco itself proudly referred to people who collect all the human shit lining the streets as the "poop patrol." Isn't that adorable?

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Dec 3, 2013
This isn't new, but I never knew San Francisco itself proudly referred to people who collect all the human shit lining the streets as the "poop patrol." Isn't that adorable?

What a shithole.

All that pollution they wash right into the ocean too. So green, much environment!