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Life is Strange live-action series being developed by Dontnod, Legendary and dj2


We’re super excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Legendary Digital Studios and dj2 to develop a digital series based on Life is Strange!

Much like many of you, both Legendary and we here at Square Enix & DONTNOD agree that Life Is Strange lends itself perfectly to live-action imaginings. While we can’t wait to see what Legendary will do with the digital series we don’t have any further details to share at this point in time.

If you’re new to Life is Strange, or are in the mood to play it again, don’t forget that as of last week, you can get Episode One entirely for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam (PC/Mac/Linux), PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360!

Legendary made the Dead Rising movies for Crackle, among others: http://www.legendary.com/digitalstudios/



Legendary Digital Studios and Square Enix have joined forces to adapt the award-winning video game, Life Is Strange.

The project will be developed and produced in conjunction with Dmitri Johnson and Dan Jevons of dj2 Entertainment. The latter produced the animated series Skulls of the Shogun for Legendary-owned Nerdist Industries, as well as the upcoming film Sonic the Hedgehog for Sony Pictures.

The game was brought into Legendary by Cory Lanier, who will oversee the project with Greg Siegel, senior vp of development and production for Legendary Digital Studios.

Strange appealed to Legendary because it was anchored in the real world, with a high-school setting, and dealt with the idea of consequences to one's actions. Those, combined with a female lead, resonated with execs.

A search for a writer and director will get underway shortly.

I'm pretty excited to see how this turns out, one of my favorite games of this generation so far.
This would remove everything of value from life is strange and leave you with only its script and characters.

Sounds hella grating
Whoa. I'm both excited and a bit wary. Gonna take a lot of work to recapture what made the game so good, but if they can pull it off, fuck yeah.


Its a weird choice, the almost story book - serialised drama format of LiS already allowed you to soak in the narrative and atmosphere like a show. It was one of its key strengths

Whilst it was problematic in some respects I enjoyed the experience of LiS greatly but really don't think I'm in for this.

LiS 2? Sure, day one.


Why, I mean the game was already like a live-action or digital series. And even then doing it in a linear format would limit the rewind ability and such.


Loved the game, but I am always sceptical when they get movie adaptations. Especially when they signal a low budget effort like this one does.
But, let them make it first, I always hope to be proven wrong. Unfortunatelly, I almost never am.


Bish loves my games!
jetjevons are you guys bringing back Jonathan Morali to do the music?

Not announcing anything yet. But trust I am huge fan of the game and we will be doing everything in our power to do justice to the brand. And that means listening to the fans.


Not announcing anything yet. But trust I am huge fan of the game and we will be doing everything in our power to do justice to the brand. And that means listening to the fans.

I put my faith in you.

Also Legendary is really busting out these video game properties.


I'd say it'll be terrible, but I spent months proclaiming how doomed the Danganronpa show was and I'm enjoying that now, so go for it. More life is strange is always gonna be a good thing. Hope it features a new cast.
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